Convert my street to one-way traffic

You can call 311 or visit NOLA 311 online to convert a two-way roadway to one-way, or vice versa. The 311 Customer Service Agent will take down the address, and issue you a ticket number. That ticket will then be sent to the Department of Public Works for assessment.

Your request should include the specific limits of the roadway you would like converted as well as complete contact information for the person or group making the request.


The Traffic Division will perform on-site observations to determine whether or not such a change is feasible. Issues considered during the evaluation include the width of the roadway, traffic counts, vehicle speed, availability of on-street parking, etc.  If the Traffic Division determines the request could be safely incorporated into the roadway system, a survey will be mailed to the property owners to weigh in on such a possible change.  If sufficient opposition is expressed, the change will not be made and two-way traffic will continue on the roadway. If ¾ of the property owners are agreeable to such a change, it will be done first on a trial basis. During the trial period the DPW will monitor the traffic flow to ensure vehicles and pedestrians may safely access the roadway. Once the six-month trial period is over, a decision will be made on whether or not to implement the one-way conversion on a full-time basis.

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