Demolition Permit

A Demolition permit is required by an owner who wishes to demolish a building even if he/she plans to rebuild on the property. If the structure has been declared to be in “imminent danger of collapse” or a “public health nuisance” and is beyond repair, the owner is responsible for demolishing the property as soon as possible in order to not endanger other persons or property. This will most often occur following a major fire. It is the policy of the City that a building inspector, accompanied by a historic district inspector, conducts a site visit to verify the imminent threat of the property. If the structure poses no imminent threat and you have all the required documents and approvals a permit will be issued after the review process is completed. 

New demolition permit application requirements went into effect on October 20, 2020


  • $95 plus $5 per $1000 of demolition cost
  • If the demolition requires a Certificate of Appropriateness, a 50% surcharge is added to the permit fee
  • If a property requires City Council review, the fee is $250 for residential structures and $500 for multi-family or commercial structures

Required Documents

  • Check to see if your building is located in a historic district or in the French Quarter - if so, permits and approvals from the HDLC or VCC may need to be acquired.
  • Apply online at the One Stop App or Fill out and submit the BUILDING PERMIT MASTER APPLICATION
  • Four (4) photographs of the structure to be demolished (front, rear, left and right sides) with the municipal address listed on each photo
  • Recorded Act of Sale, if the property has changed ownership in the last year (365 days)
  • If redevelopment is planned, redevelopment site and exterior elevation plans (these can be hand drawn)
  • A photo indicating the posting of notice (click here for the notice) for the demolition application on or near the property
  • A photo of the notice itself, indicating:
    • The municipal address on the property to be demolished, and
    • Contact information for the district City Council office (for the public to contact if they need additional information)
  • Notify the New Orleans Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division - Plan Examiner (504) 658-4774 of:
    • Relocation of a fire hydrant
    • Any street closures
  • If there will be a fuel tank located on the property you must obtain a Fuel Tank (Installation or Removal) Permit
  • If you are dealing with lead-based paint, make sure you fill out the Lead Based Paint Removal Form Supplement G and review the Guidelines for Dealing with Lead Paint
  • Your application may also be subject to review by the Department of Sanitation. In most cases you'll need a plan to dispose of your waste

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