Dispute Boot on Private Property

If your vehicle was booted on private property and would like an administrative hearing to determine whether or not the vehicle was booted properly, you may request one through our department for $50.00 within ten calendar days of the boot being placed. If the vehicle was found to be booted wrongly, all fees must be paid back by the booting agent within three business days.

How to Request a Hearing

The owner or operator of any vehicle booted by a booting service business has the right to an administrative hearing for a fee of $50.00 to determine if the vehicle was booted within the regulations of CCNO 66-407.

To begin the process, you may submit a Booting Complaint Form to our department via email ( privatebooting@nola.gov ) or in-person on the 11th floor of 1340 Poydras St. Please also include a copy of your government-issued photo document (driver's license, passport, etc) and any evidence relevent to the complaint. Once the form is submitted, the Complainant will be issued an invoice to pay the $50.00 hearing fee. Once the fee is paid, a hearing date will be set.

What to Expect

You may submit any relevant evidence and testimony at the hearing. You may be represented by an attorney. A Hearing Officer will determine the validity of the boot and the charges imposed based on evidence presented. If you cannot attend the hearing, you may submit date-stamped photographic or other documentary evidence before the hearing.

The Hearing Officer has the legal authority to determine your liability based solely upon submitted evidence, whether or not you are physically present. Please note that evidence stored on electronic devices will not be considered unless a physical copy is produced for the hearing. The evidence becomes the property of the City of New Orleans.

Please have all evidence prepared to deliver to all parties involved including a copy for the Hearing Officer. Failure to provide adequate copies may result in documents being determined inadmissible and thus not considered as evidence for the hearing.

The Hearing Officer may dismiss the complaint. Should the hearing officer decide in favor of the Complainant, the booting company shall within three (3) business days pay the Complainant the $50.00 hearing fee and the booting fee.


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