Film Location Permit

A Film Permit is required for all commercial filming in New Orleans and the New Orleans Film Office is the issuing agency. To apply for a permit go to,, and complete an application. Film New Orleans will review the application and determine what type of film permit you will need and facilitate permitting through other city agencies, if required. To learn more about the policies and procedures for filming in the city go to

Required Documents

  1. Film Application must be submitted to
  2. Certificate of Insurance for $1m general liability insurance adding the City of New Orleans as an additional insured.  Include the following language in the Certificate Holder Box: “City of New Orleans and all of its agents and departments”
  3. A signed copy of the Film New Orleans Policies and Procedures submitted to

Film New Orleans must receive all documents no later than 4 days prior to the commencement of filming.  The Film Permit is issued by Film New Orleans and is a perquisite for all other city permitting.

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