Get a visitor parking pass

Applicants with motor vehicles registered in another state may apply for a temporary 30-day permit.

There are two types of visitor permits. Residents living in areas designated for the Residential Parking Permit program who have an annual permit may purchase an annual visitor pass for $30 ($20 for residents 65 and over). 

Residents who do not own a motor vehicle but would otherwise qualify for a residential parking permit may apply for an annual visitor permit at a cost of $30 ($20 for residents 65 and over). The $40 application fee would also be due at the time of purchase.

Residents may also apply for a daily visitor permit at a cost of $4/day ($2/day for residents 65 and older) to accommodate guests to their homes, assuming the $40 application has already been paid. 

While the annual visitor permit cannot be duplicated, it is transferable to different visitors at the permit holder’s discretion. Only one daily visitor permit is allowed at any given time.

To Apply

Applicants must

  • Apply online or download and complete the Residential Parking Permit Application
  • provide a valid driver's license from the visitor's home state
  • provide motor vehicle registration from the visitor's home state
  • provide a tax bill, or rental/lease agreement for the designated address
  • provide a utility bill (Entergy or Sewerage and Water Board) for the designated address

Activate my daily visitor parking pass 

The Daily Visitor Pass should be displayed by hanging the red tag on the rearivew mirror of the vehicle with the permit side facing out. The permit must be purchased and activated by midnight the day before it is used.

To active the permit:

  • Visit our website or visit the Parking Division at 1300 Perdido St., Rm 1W09 on Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4 pm,
  • Log into your existing account online (DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT) then click ‘ORDER PERMIT’. 
    1. Select “DAILY ACTIVATION” from the drop down list  (Please note:  If you have purchased a Senior Property Owner, Senior Residential, or a Senior New Resident Permit you will have the option to select DAILY ACTIVATION SENIOR.) 
    2. Next, click the down arrow for the box labeled Daily Permit Number.  If your account includes multiple Daily Permits, each Daily Permit number will be shown here.  Most users will have only 1 account listed. 
    3. After selecting the correct Daily Permit Number, enter the day that you would like to use your Daily Permit in the box labeled “Start Date.” 
    4. Next, add the Activation to your cart by clicking the “Add To Cart” button. 
    5. Once you are finished, click the “Check Out” button:  (Please note:  You may return to purchase more activations at a later time.) 
    6. Activate each day that you would like to use your Daily Permit by repeating the steps above. 
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