Getting Your Brake Tag

All vehicles registered in Orleans Parish must pass an inspection and display a current and valid City of New Orleans inspection sticker, also locally known as a “brake tag” (CCNO 154-1303). Drivers may take their vehicle to one of several brake tag stations throughout the City of New Orleans to have it inspected.

While brake tag stations are private businesses, they're licensed and regulated by the City of New Orleans Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau (CCNO 154-1301). The inspectors, who are employees of these businesses, are also licensed and regulated by the City.


Inspection Fee

  • Passenger Automobiles, Scooters, Motorcycles, Trailers - $25.00
  • Commercial Vehicles - $60.00

No sales tax will be charged for inspection or late fees.

Two-Year Tag: If your vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than 10,001 lbs and is 10 years old or less, it is eligible for a brake tag that is valid for two years. The price for inspection is $50.00.

Please be aware: 

  • No refunds will be given for any fees, regardless of the inspection result
  • If you’ve already purchased a one-year inspection, you will not be able to pay the difference for a two-year brake tag

Payment Methods: Although all stations accept cash, other accepted forms of payment vary from station to station. Please see the list of brake tag stations to see which forms of payment are taken.

Late Fee

Brake tags expire on the last day of the month and year shown on the front of the tag.

If your tag is expired, you will be charged a late fee of $2.00 per month, not to exceed the price of an annual inspection. There are no exceptions and no refunds for late fees. See below if you don't currently have a brake tag.

Missing Tag

If there is no valid brake tag on your vehicle, and it has been registered in Orleans Parish longer than two months, you will be charged a late fee, not to exceed the price of an annual inspection.

Once a brake tag has been removed from a windshield, even in the event of a windshield replacement, the tag is void and the vehicle must be reinspected. Standard inspection prices will apply.

  • New windshield? You will have to pay for a new inspection, even if there's time left before the tag expires. As inspectors have no way of looking up your brake tag information, you must present proof of your previous brake tag to avoid paying late fees based on when the vehicle was acquired.
    • You may present the remnants of your old tag or a picture of it (both front and back side of the tag) as proof. The serial number, expiration month/year, and license plate number or VIN should be clear and legible.
    • You may contact us to request an inspection record. We'll need your vehicle information (make, model, year, license plate number), brake tag serial number (if you have it), brake tag expiration month/year, and the name of the station that issued the tag. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to process your request.
  • Just bought a vehicle? You will have two months from the end of the month the vehicle was acquired before having to pay a late fee. Please keep in mind that you can have your vehicle inspected with a temporary Louisiana license plate.  Just bring the temporary Louisiana registration or a notarized bill of sale, along with proof of insurance and your valid driver’s license.
  • Moved from another state? Before receiving an inspection, you must first register your vehicle in Orleans Parish. You will have two months from the end of the registration month before having to pay a late fee.
  • Moved from another parish? Although you should have your vehicle inspected immediately upon moving to New Orleans, you will not be charged a late fee if your Louisiana state tag has not expired. Please make sure your vehicle is domiciled in Orleans Parish and has domicile code beginning with "36". This code can be found on the top, right corner of your vehicle's registration certificate.

If you purchased a two year tag within the last 12 months and had to replace your windshield, contact us prior to having your vehicle reinspected. You have the option to schedule an inspection through our department and receive a tag that is good through the expiration of your original tag. The standard inspection rate of $25 applies. Please provide us with the vehicle information (make, model, year, license plate number), the serial number and expiration date of the brake tag, and the name of the station where it was inspected. Please allow for up to 2 business days for us to process your request.

Vehicles registered outside of New Orleans

A City of New Orleans brake tag can only be issued to a vehicle that is domiciled in Orleans Parish. Inspections will not be performed on vehicles registered outside of Orleans Parish. This includes vehicles registered in another state.


Once payment has been made, there are absolutely no refunds, transfers, or exchanges for either late fees or inspection fees. Please note that fees are charged for inspection, not the brake tag itself. The brake tag only certifies that the vehicle has been inspected.


Stations are not required to issue receipts, since your brake tag is proof of inspection. If you need a record of your inspection however, ask for one at the time of inspection. If you weren't able to, contact us to request one through our office.

​Failed Inspections

If your vehicle fails inspection, the station will issue the vehicle an orange temporary brake tag, along with reasons failure. This temporary tag is proof that the vehicle has been inspected and is considered a legal and valid brake tag for the duration of the rejection period. It must be posted on the lower driver's-side corner at all times during this period.

After receiving the temporary tag, you will have up to 30 days to fix the issue(s) and must return the vehicle to the same inspection station to receive one courtesy inspection within that period. There is no extension beyond 30 days. If your vehicle passes this inspection, you will receive your tag at no additional cost. If your vehicle fails this inspection, you will be subject to pay fees for any additional inspection. NOTE: A vehicle can't be rejected more than two consecutive times for the same issue.

If you return the vehicle after the rejection period, or to a different station, you will have to pay for a new inspection, plus a late fee of $2 per month, not to exceed the price of an annual inspection.

Safety Hazards: Vehicles that are deemed a safety hazard will be restricted to 20 miles to have the vehicle repaired. In this case, a temporary tag will be issued with an "X" stamped next to the month on the forward-facing side, along with an expiration mileage. These tags are valid for either 30 days or the mileage indicated, whichever comes first. Examples of reasons to restrict a vehicle are non-working brake lights, loose parts on the vehicle that could become dislodged, or excessively bald/failing tires.

What to bring to your inspection

All drivers should have the following ready upon inspection (including motorcycles and scooters over 5 horsepower):

  1. Current Louisiana vehicle registration certificate showing an Orleans Parish four-digit domicile code beginning with "36" at the top right corner of the certificate. Usually this code is "3600".
    1. A temporary registration or a notarized bill of sale is allowed, as long as it shows an Orleans parish address. A Receipt for renewing a registration online will not be accepted. The license plate must show a future expiration date.
  2. Current proof of vehicle liability insurance for the vehicle. Must not be expired.
  3. Driver must have a current and valid driver's license issued by a U.S. state or territory, with the proper endorsements or class for that vehicle (IE motorcycle endorsement for street-legal scooters and motorcycles, or a CDL for a commercial vehicle).
  4. Inspection fee, plus applicable late fee if the vehicle has an expired or missing brake tag

What to expect during the inspection

The inspector is not allowed to give the results of the inspection until after the inspection is completed and the inspector is ready to place the certificate.

  • When you arrive, please have all documents ready to show.  The inspector will check them, take payment, remove the old tag, and perform the inspection.
  • You will be asked to operate turn signals, windshield wipers, horn, reverse, braking systems, and all required lights.  See a full list of what's inspected on each vehicle.
  • The inspector will use an approved meter to check that tinted windows are within legal limits in Louisiana.
  • The inspector may enter the vehicle to check internal safety components (seat belt, braking system, parking brake, horn, seat adjustment mechanism). Drivers have the right to refuse entry, however the inspector must ensure all components are working as required.
  • The driver will be asked to sign an inspection log, stating that they have and will maintain liability insurance, as required by law.

Inspection Rules

  • Please be courteous and allow the inspector to perform a full and proper inspection
  • Please do not use your cell phone
  • Please turn off your radio

After inspection, the inspector will attach a brake tag to the driver’s-side lower corner of the vehicle’s windshield.  This could be either a temporary tag if the vehicle fails or an annual tag (or two-year, if eligible). The inspector is only allowed to punch out the current month on the tag. The inspector will write the license plate number or last six digits of the VIN on the back of the tag, facing the driver.

Can someone else bring my vehicle in for inspection?

Yes. Anyone can have a vehicle inspected, as long as they have a current and valid U.S.-issued driver’s license and all required vehicle documents (registration, proof of insurance).

Inspections during the rain

Brake tag stations may stop performing inspections without notice if it starts raining. Please call the station for more information prior to bringing your vehicle in.

Contact Us

You may contact the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau via phone at (504) 658-7160 or email with questions, concerns, or comments.