I Can't Find My Address In The Application Location Search

If your address doesn't show up in the Location search, first double-check the spelling. Also, check the following if they apply:

  • Try leaving off the street type (e.g. Court, Lane, Alley). Many variations on abbreviations are accepted, but some abbreviations of less common street types may not be recognized.
  • For numbered streets, First through Ninth Streets are spelled out (First St, Second St, Third St, etc instead of 1st St, 2nd St, 3rd, etc). 10th and above are numeric.
  • Some streets have formal, legal names that are spelled differently than as seen on many street signs. For instance, Saigon Drive is spelled Sai Gon Drive.

If you still can't find your address after verifying the spelling and abbreviations, you may need to request a new address. Complete the address change application, and scan the completed form to onestopapp@nola.gov. We will verify that the address you are requesting is appropriate for that block and notify you of how to file your application. Filing an official address request with us will also ensure that 911, Entergy, and Sewerage & Water Board will be notified of your address.

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