Mardi Gras Walker Permit

A Mardi Gras Walker permit is for vendors during Mardi Gras without a fixed location and who sell novelties (a small, inexpensive toy, ornament and piece of jewelry or trinket that is treasured for the memories associated with Mardi Gras) or pre-packaged food. All vendors are required to obtain an original City of New Orleans Occupational License, an original Mayoralty Permit and I.D. badge for each category of sales. These documents must be in your possession and visible at all times when conducting sales. Vendors may not sell alcohol, T-shirts and/or clothing, CD’s, DVD’s, VCR tapes or items that are not defined as novelties. Review the Mardi Gras Procedures and Mardi Gras Guide for more information. 


  • Mardi Gras Vending permits are NOT VALID in the (French Quarter\Vieux Carre) or in the 100 blocks of Bourbon, Royal, and Chartres Streets.
  • Vending time shall be consistent.  Commencing two (2) hours before the start of a parade and ending two (2) hours after the parade ends. 
  • Vending is not allowed in the CBD (the River to Claiborne Avenue and Esplanade Avenue to Howard Avenue) before 6:00 p.m. for parades that are scheduled during WEEKDAYS.
  • Walkers’ are required to keep moving at all times except when making sales.  Tables or stands are strictly prohibited.
  • Walkers’ boundaries extend two blocks in either direction of the street used by various parades while the parade is in progress.


  • Occasional Occupational License per walker: $150.00
  • Mayoralty Permit, per category per walker: $100.25
  • I.D. Badge per walker: $5.00
  • Sales Tax Deposit, per permit/per walker: $200.00

Total Fee per walker: $455.25

Required Documents

  • Obtain or show a valid State Health Certificate from the Office of Sanitarian Services of the State of Louisiana (for food/beverage vendors)
  • Mardi Gras Registration 
  • Occupational License (if you do not currently have a Revenue account number)
  • Mayoralty Permit
  • Payment Voucher Form (to process the sales tax deposit refund at the conclusion of the carnival season. Obtain a blank sales tax form to file sales in order to pay sales taxes. The form is due at the conclusion of the carnival season. Failure to pay within thirty (30) days will result in further enforcement action.
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