Minor Zoning Map Adjustment

The purpose of a minor map adjustment is to eliminate split-lot classifications, shift boundaries to coincide with a newly created lot line as part of a subdivision or resubdivision, or create uniform boundary lines on the Official Zoning Map.


Applications for minor map adjustments may be initiated by a property owner in the city or a person expressly authorized in writing by a property owner, the City Planning Commission, and the City Council in the following instances:

  1. Where subdivisions or resubdivisions would create a lot line that no longer coincides with an existing zoning district boundary on the Official Zoning Map or land use boundary on the Future Land Use Map.
  2. Where split-lot zoning classification or split-lot land use designation occurs on the Official Zoning Map or land use boundary on the Future Land Use Map. Split-lot zoning or split-lot and use is defined as two (2) or more zoning classifications or land use designations applied to one (1) lot.
  3. Where such minor map adjustment would result in uniform boundary lines.

When considering an application for a minor map adjustment, the Board of Zoning Adjustments shall find that the application meets both of the following standards:

  1. The minor map adjustment does not constitute a substantive change in zoning or land use that would adversely affect adjacent property.
  2. The minor map adjustment does not grant a less restrictive classification to a lot of sufficient size or configuration as to constitute a building site, unless the lot is separated from property within a more restrictive zoning district or land use category by a street, canal, or similar public right-of-way.

Board of Zoning Adjustments Application


  • Single and Two-Family Residential Projects: $150
  • Three or more Residential Unit Projects: $250
  • Commercial or Mixed-Use Projects: $250
  • Rehearing: Same as Original Fee

Acceptable forms of in-person payment include: Checks, Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Please make all checks and money orders payable to City of New Orleans.


  1. Meet with the Department of Safety and Permits and obtain a Referral Letter indicating exactly what accommodations are necessary for your project (recommended). 
  2. File a complete application with all required supplemental documents in-person at the One Stop Shop (1300 Perdido Street, 7th Floor) with the “planner on duty.”
  3. Board of Zoning Adjustments staff will notify you when your application has been assigned to a city planner for review.
  4. The official journal of record will publish notice of the request, and Board of Zoning Adjustments staff will mail notification postcards to nearby property owners and residents.
  5. The city planner assigned to your case will prepare a report and recommendation, which will be made available to you and the public on the Wednesday prior to the hearing.
  6. The Board will hear your request at the first available BZA meeting after the application is marked “complete.” Meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 10:00 a.m., in the City Council Chamber (unless otherwise noticed). Applicants should plan to attend the meeting to support their request.
  7. The Board will take action on your application. Within ten (10) days of the Board’s action at the meeting, BZA staff will send you a written record, or resolution, of the Board’s action.
  8. You or any other person may appeal the Board’s decision to Civil District Court within thirty (30) days of the date on the resolution. You cannot appeal the Board’s decisions to the City Council.
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