Hazard Mitigation Office

The Hazard Mitigation Office aims to lessen the damaging impact of future disasters by taking action now to reduce risk

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Our office maintains New Orleans’ Hazard Mitigation Plan outlining citywide risks from natural and manmade hazards - along with associated resilience strategies.

Developed via robust two-year engagement, this regularly updated plan was adopted by City Council in September 2021. It offers a roadmap to mitigate danger and impact as we build a stronger, safer future New Orleans.

We encourage reading the plan to understand our evolving risks and prioritized actions - from flood mitigation to infrastructure hardening - that reduce threats through proactive planning today.

The annual reports summarize major hazard events of each year, and relevant changes to the city’s risk profile and preparedness capabilities, as well as new projects and project status updates. The annual reports document changes to the Hazard Mitigation Plan that occur between regular 5-year plan updates.

The City of New Orleans partnered with the University of New Orleans’ Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology (UNO-CHART) to conduct a study of all buildings in New Orleans to better understand how well they are protected from flooding. The study reviewed photographs of homes and businesses taken from the street. The information collected provides summary data for over 90,000 buildings and will help the City set policies and programs to help owners protect their properties.

The Comprehensive Recovery Plan will outline a coordinated strategy for post-disaster recovery and will provide a framework for future recovery operations. The plan is being developed with support from the City’s HUD-NDR award for the Gentilly Resilience District. In 2021-2022 NOHSEP will work with a Community Advisory Committee to develop the Recovery Plan.

When available, the Hazard Mitigation Office manages federal, state, and local funds to make residential properties more resilient to future disasters. Examples include home elevation and green infrastructure installation, which reduce the risk of future flood damage. The City of New Orleans applies for grant funds on behalf of eligible property owners, which currently prioritize properties that have experienced severe repetitive loss from flood events.

The Hazard Mitigation Office also manages funds to make public facilities and critical infrastructure more resilient to future disasters. Upcoming projects include retrofitting City facilities to protect against tropical storm winds and installing generator transfer switches at community centers.

The Hazard Mitigation Office provides technical and financial support for stormwater management activities that reduce flood risk, beautify neighborhoods, promote health & recreation, and foster environmental awareness.

Together, we can be more resilient to future shocks and stresses. Through NOLA Ready's community education and outreach, we work with residents, community & faith organizations, and business leaders to promote resilience on scales big and small. 

Office Of Hazard Mitigation

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