Juvenile Justice Intervention Center

The Juvenile Justice Intervention Center serves as the juvenile detention center for Orleans Parish, providing safe and secure pre-trial detention to youths who are charged with committing a delinquent offense.

Our Mission and Purpose

Our purpose is to provide quality evidence-based juvenile detention practices and programming with a focus on public safety, accountability, and individual treatment needs of the juvenile, and to provide educational, medical, mental health and evidence-based treatment programming that supports every juvenile’s capacity to learn.

These services focus on the best interest of the youth through a professional culture which holds them behaviorally accountable in a manner conducive to personal growth and development.

Our mission focuses on rehabilitation through humane, secure facilities where professional staff nurture emotional maturity and behavioral change. With individualized programming, we give juveniles a chance to progress into community-minded adults even after mistakes. And quality care attuned to specific needs promotes lasting change.

Juvenile Justice Intervention Center

(504) 658-3400 (504) 658-3425
1100-A Milton St New Orleans, LA 70122

Regular Business Hours

Juvenile Justice Intervention Center