Policies, Procedures, Forms and Templates

Procurement Procedures

The procedures which the Bureau of Purchasing ("Purchasing") follows for all federal and non-federal procurements.

Procurement Policies

The policies which the Bureau of Purchasing ("Purchasing") follows for all federlly-funded projects and purchases.

Procurement-Related Forms

These are the most common forms for both vendors and City departments and agencies.

Executive Orders

These are directives issued from the Office of the Mayor establishing policies and procedures for the Executive Branch. The following Executive Orders pertain to the Procurement Office:

  • LC 18-01
    Creates the Procurement Office and the Chief Procurement Officer position.
  • LC 20-01
    Provides guidelines and procedures to govern the procurement of professional services, i.e., RFPs & RFQs.

CAO Policy Memorandums

These memorandums are issued by the Chief Administrative Officer and are the governing principles and plans which establish the general parameter for the Procurement Office to carry out its responsibilities.

  • PM 8(R) Professional Services Contracts
  • PM 24(R) Services and Movable Property Procurement and Purchases
  • PM 42(R) and PM 42(R) Attachment Emergency Bids
  • PM 113(R) Procurement of Public Works and Construction
  • PM 119 (R) Emergency Procurement Policy
  • PM 122 (R) CEA, Contract, and Grant Routing Policy
  • PM 130 Procurement Protest Policy

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