Food Pop-Up Vendor Permit

A food pop-up vendor is a business that enters into an agreement with a food-pop up host (a restaurant, brewery, distillery, winery, or bar) to use the host's kitchen and facilities to prepare and sell its own menu, often on a recurring schedule.

This page is for pop-up vendors. Food pop-up vendors apply for a permit from the Bureau of Revenue. There is a separate application for food pop-up hosts, who apply to the Department of Safety and Permits.

All businesses that sell food or other goods are required to register, obtain a license, and collect and remit taxes to the Bureau of Revenue - Sales Tax. These businesses will be mailed tax returns each month and will be required to remit the taxes to the Bureau of Revenue by the 20th of the month following the month of the collections.

Prohibited Times and Locations

  • Certain locations during Mardi Gras, as per Section 34-34 of the City Code.
  • Near the Fairgrounds during the Annual Jazz and Heritage Festival Season in the area bounded by
    • Florida Avenue (on the north)
    • North Broad Avenue (on the east)
    • Esplanade Avenue (on the south)
    • Bayou St. John (on the west)
  • Clean Zones. A Clean Zone is an area established by an ordinance adopted by the City Council, which suspends certain permits and transactions in designated areas of public property and outside buildings during specific dates and times, such as during large events.
  • In a public right-of-way, unless the vendor has a separate permission to operate in the right-of-way.

Operational Restrictions

The sale of alcoholic beverages by the food pop-up vendor is prohibited. A food pop-up host may sell alcoholic beverages during the food pop-up if the host has the proper alcoholic beverage licenses.


Permit fees for food pop-up vendors are $150.00 annually, and a $50.00 application fee. Occupational license fees and other fees may apply.

Required Documents

  • Occupational License and Mayoralty Permit: To receive your Tax ID number and the Occupational License and Mayoralty Permit required for food vending, download and complete the application form, which can be submitted via email to or submitted in-person or via mail to the Department of Revenue at City Hall, 1300 Perdido St, Room 1W15. These licenses must be renewed annually through the Department of Revenue.
  • Shared Kitchen Agreement: Both Hosts and Vendors must sign and submit a shared kitchen agreement. The vendor shall submit the completed agreement prior to operation at a permitted host facility.
  • Copy of Food Pop-Up Host's Permit: Submit the permit(s) for the host(s) where the food vendor will pop-up.
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