Public Greenspace Planting Permit

A Public Green Space Planting Permit is required in order to plant shrubs and garden beds on neutral grounds, parks, playgrounds or public rights-of-way. The applicant must submit plans for the proposed planting in accordance with the Design Standards for Plantings on Public Green Space guidelines. 


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Required Documents

  • Contact the Department of Parks and Parkways at (504) 658-3201 or in order to submit the following: 
    • Scalable site plans including all major existing physical features, size and type of plant material
    • Maintenance plan including responsibility for watering
  • Plans must be in compliance with the Design Standards for Plantings on Public Greenspace guidelines
  • A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) may be required for the installation and maintenance of the project depending upon the size and scope of work
    • The terms of the CEA must meet all City license, insurance and bonding requirements
    • The CEA must be approved by City Council and the Mayor
    • The CEA must include a dedicated funding source for the long term maintenance of the project
    • Smaller projects may be subject to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the applicant and the Department of Parks and Parkways 
  • Project plans may be subject to approval by the City Planning Commission's Design Advisory Committee (DAC) if warranted by the scope of work and impact on City property

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