How Do I Report a Contractor?

Many contractor problems are contract disputes that the City cannot directly assist with. In some cases, the dispute may be more technical in nature and either the State's Licensing Board for Contractors or the Department of Safety and Permits (for electrical or mechanical issues) should be notified so we can help.

Generally, if work is performed without a permit the Department of Safety and Permits will levy additional fees for performing work in violaiton of the City's building codes.

The State's Licensing Board for Contractors can take action against bad actors, which can include fines or suspension or revocation of a contractor's license.

If an electrical or mechanical contractor routinely performs work in violation of the City Code, the Department can take additional action, including suspension or revocation of the Contractor's license. The criteria for such an action are provided below:

  1. Violating, on more than one occasion, either willfully or maliciously, or by reason of incompetence, any provision of the City's construction codes.
  2. Conviction of any offense involving the defrauding of any person for whom a service has been rendered or contracted to be rendered under the City's construction codes.
  3. Fraud or misrepresentation in obtaining a license or permit.
  4. Conviction of drunkenness or the use of narcotics.
  5. Adjudication of insanity.
  6. Securing a permit for electrical/mechanical work not actually performed by the Class "A" Electrical/Mechanical Contractor or by certified (licensed) individuals under his control, supervision, direction and responsibility.
  7. Securing a permit under any pretext for an installation concerning which the applicant has no valid contract.
  8. Performing any electrical/mechanical work as defined herein for which no electrical/mechanical permit has been obtained.
  9. Refusing to finish the electrical/mechanical work for which a permit was taken and for which full payment has been accepted.
  10. Performing any electrical/mechanical work as defined herein for which an electrical/mechanical permit has been obtained and which work is being performed by improperly certified (licensed) individuals under his control, supervision, direction and responsibility.
  11. False, misleading or deceptive advertising.
  12. Any medical reason wherein a physician's medical opinion is provided to the Director indicating that the person certified is unable to satisfactorily perform the duties and functions expected of a Class "A", Class "B", Class "C", Class "D", or Class "E" Electrical/Mechanical license holder, and that any further performance in the electrical/mechanical field would be a danger to himself and endanger the life and property of others.

Contractor Fraud

If you believe you have been the victim of Contractor Fraud, please contact:

New Orleans Police Department
Investigative Support Bureau, White Collar Crimes Unit
(504) 658-5300

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1340 Poydras Street Suite 800 New Orleans, LA 70112


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