Report a Taxi, Pedicab, Tour Guide, Bus, etc.

The City of New Orleans Ground Transportation Bureau wants to ensure residents and visitors receive outstanding customer service from the for hire industry, including taxis, buggies, limousines, tour guides & all buses (including school buses).

Your Rights as a Customer

You have a right to

  • ride in a clean vehicle
  • have a safe ride
  • a safety-minded and courteous driver

Please request a receipt from the driver. The receipt should be completed by the driver and include the driver name, the company, CPNC number, and the amount tendered including any tips.

Things To Look For

  • CPNC Number - located on both front panels, the trunk and the hood of the vehicle (school bus: on the sides, towards the rear)
  • Company Name - located on the driver and passenger doors as well as the trunk of the vehicle (below windows of a school bus)
  • Information Stickers - affixed to the passenger windows (for taxicabs: passenger rights & rates)

Lost Items

Please contact us if you lost an item in a vehicle. Please include the date and time the item was lost, as well as a detailed description of the item. If possible, please provide vehicle information or information about the trip.


Additionally, you may provide feedback, comments, suggestions, and compliments to us here. We are committed to providing the best service possible to residents and visitors traveling to, from, and around New Orleans, and we take all feedback very seriously. 

In order for a complaint to be adjudicated, a sworn statement should be completed by the complainant. Please complete and send to us.

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The Ground Transportation Bureau office is closed to the public. All applications must be emailed to Payments may be paid online or mailed to our office.

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