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In an effort to improve oversight, accountability, and compliance with the City of New Orleans SLDBE Program, the Office of Supplier Diversity facilitates the reporting of complaints and allegations of wrongdoing ("complaints") against City of New Orleans contractors (Contractors include construction contractors, professional services contractors, and non‐professional services contractors, and City of New Orleans certified DBE contractors.).

Complaints with limited specificity or merit may be held for review until further, specific details are reported. Upon receipt of a specific complaint, the Director of the Office of Supplier Diversity may take any one or more of the following actions:

  1. Review of the complaint;
  2. Refer the matter to the appropriate Deputy Mayor; and/or
  3. Report the matter to the Chief Administrative Officer.


The Office of Supplier Diversity will protect the identity of complainants to the maximum extent possible by law.  Individuals who file a complaint are not required to identify themselves. However, persons who file complaints are encouraged to identify themselves in the event additional questions arise during a review.

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