Request a Re-Hearing for Parking Tickets

If you disagree with the decision rendered by the hearing officer in their initial hearing, you can request a re-hearing.  To have a re-hearing, you must post a bond in the amount of the fine and/or fees for which the hearing officer has ruled “Responsible.” Requests for re-hearings and the bond must be received within thirty (30) days of the original hearing.  Once the request is received, we'll schedule a re-hearing. 

Re-hearing Process

During the re-hearing, a panel of three (3) hearing officers (excluding the original hearing officer) will review the case file and tape recorded hearing or mail-in documents. You will be allowed to present any further information or arguments you feel appropriate. Photographs used as evidence must be provided in hard format. You may not use photos on your cell phone or still camera. All photographs are kept as evidence and become a part of the permanent file. At the conclusion of the re-hearing, the panel will review the facts and the law, and affirm, reverse or modify the original decision.

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