Restaurant License Guide

Restaurant Occupational License Checklist

Restaurants require some documents and information in addition to the base requirements for an Occupational License. When you are preparing to open a restaurant, you will need to submit the following documents before your application can be approved.

  1. Operation Plan. Provide a written description of the operation of the restaurant. The operation description should include:
    • Information on how customers will be seated.
    • How customers order food.
    • How food and beverages are served to the customers.
    • How busing occurs.
    • When the customer pays for food.
    • Food preparation (whether the food is pre-prepared or made to order).
    • Confirmation that alcohol service is only available while food is being served.
  2. Menu: The menu needs to include all food and beverages, including alcohol.
    • If the restaurant is offering a children's menu, New Orleans Health Department's approval will be required. Read more about children's menu requirements here.
    • The default beverage options with children's' meals must be one or more of the following:
      • Water (unflavored, unsweetened, uncarbonated)
      • Milk (plain, pasteurized cow's milk with no added caloric sweeteners, low-calorie sweeteners, or flavorings), nonfat or one (1) percent milk, or non-dairy milk alternatives containing no more than 130 calories per container and/or serving
      • 100% fruit juice, 6.75 oz or less
    • If the restaurant is not offering a children's menu, you must submit a N. O. Health Department Menu Attestation Form.
  3. Complete the Restaurant Use Standards Form: Restaurant Use Standards Form 20.3.ZZ.
  4. Louisiana Department of Health Approval. For any business that involves the sale of retail or prepared foods or drinks, the approval of the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is required. Please provide a final inspection approval from LDH. Contact LDH at (504) 568-7970 for more information.
  5. Sanitation Department Approval: Please submit the completed Litter Abatement Checklist to or contact the Sanitation Department (504) 658-2299 at 1300 Perdido St, Suite 1W30.
  6. Floor Plan. The floor plan should include dimensions; locations of doors, all seating areas, holding bar (with dimensions), kitchen, office, restrooms, patios, courtyards and any other space utilized by the business.
    • Holding Bar. A holding bar cannot exceed 15% of the gross seating area of the restaurant, up to a maximum area of 300 square feet. For more specific information on how to calculate the holding bar area, see the Comprehsive Zoning Ordinance 20.3.ZZ .
  7. Alcoholic Beverages. If the restaurant will sell alcoholic beverages, a separate Alcoholic Beverage Outlet (ABO) license is required as well. Contact with any questions about the application process.


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