Sign Permit

A permit is required to erect, construct, post, paint, alter, maintain, or relocate any sign in the City of New Orleans. The City’s sign regulations are designed to: protect the public safety – so that signs do not fall down on pedestrians or customers, prevent signs from becoming projectiles in the event of heavy winds or rains, regulate the aesthetics of an area as to the size and number of signs visible at any given time. Depending on the details of your sign(s), you may need multiple permits.


Same day in some situations, when review is required: Residential projects, 2-5 days; Commercial projects, 20-30 days.


  • $60.00 Base Fee, plus $5 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Plan Review Fee: $1 per $1000 of Construction Value 
  • Zoning Review Fee: $125 
  • First Year Operating Fee: $40 
  • For a reinspection following a violation: $100
  • For a one-year renewable operating permit for accessory signs: $40 
  • For signs requiring a Certificate of Appropriateness or Vieux Carre Permit, a 50% surcharge is added to the permit fee

Required Documents

  • Check to see if your building is located in a historic district or in the French Quarter  – if so, permits and approvals from the HDLC or VCC may need to be acquired. 
  • Apply online at the One Stop App or fill out and submit the BUILDING_PERMIT_MASTER_APPLICATION and  SIGN_PERMIT_APPLICATION_SUPPLEMENT_H
  • Registered Sign Contractor is required to obtain sign permits (Please fill out the Sign Company Registered Application and email it to for processing.
  • Letter from property owner or lease giving permission for property use for the permit purpose, if applicant is not the owner
  • Plot plan indicating the location and setbacks of the proposed signage 
  • Dimensions of the proposed signage
  • Measurements of the frontage of tenant space and the square footage of the wall in which the business has its main entrance 
  • Sketch of proposed signage clearly indicating the copy and detailing colors and sizes
  • Notify the New Orleans Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division - Plan Examiner (504) 658- 4774 if the erection of, or the sign itself will:
    • Obstruct or close any streets
    • Obstruct or close a sidewalk
    • Impede a fire department connection to a building
    • Obstruct a fire hydrant

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You May Also Need

  • Electrical Permit, if applicable
  • Review by the City Planning Commission staff, the Historic District Landmarks Commission, or the Vieux Carré Commission depending on the location of your business
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