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An Operator permit is a permit that allows an individual to operate or manage one or more STRs. Every STR unit in Orleans Parish must have both an Owner permit and an Operator permit associated with it. STR Owner permit holders may act as their own permitted operators or may designate another permitted STR Operator.

Any natural person over the age of 18 can hold an Operator permit so long as they are accessible by telephone and able to be physically present at the STR unit(s) they manage within one hour of being contacted. Once an individual obtains an Operator permit, they can then use that permit to manage any permitted STR in Orleans Parish. There is no limit to how many STRs one Operator can manage; however, there is a cost increase for Operators who manage more than one STR.

If an STR is determined to not be in compliance with the law, both the Owner and the Operator of that STR could face monetary fines and the suspension or revocation of their permit(s). If an Operator who manages more than one STR has their permit suspended or revoked at one STR property, their permit will be suspended or revoked for all STR properties that Operator manages.

Permit-Holder Obligations

Although an STR owner can delegate any of their duties to a licensed STR operator, it is the STR owner who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the performance of those duties.

Find the complete ordinances regarding operator responsibilities here.

STR Owners must:

  • Ensure the STR is covered by a $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance policy;
  • Maintain the STR guest registration records, including dates of occupancy, number of guests per party per stay, and rates charged;
  • Ensure that any advertisement or listing of their STR contains:
    • The STR Owner Permit number
    • The STR Operator Permit number
    • Whether the STR unit is wheelchair accessible or otherwise ADA-compliant
    • The number of permitted Guest Bedrooms in the STR unit
    • The maximum permitted occupancy of the STR unit;
  • Ensure dwelling and occupancy limits set forth in the CZO and CCNO and observed;
  • Post a copy of the Owner Permit in a location visible to both guests and neighbors,
  • Post, in a location visible and legible to guests, an evacuation diagram showing fire escapes and all means of egress from the STR Unit and from the building in which the STR Unit is located;
  • Post, in the interior of the STR Unit, trash disposal and recycling collection days;
  • Ensure that the STR Unit complies with the following standards:
    • Walls, ceilings, floors, windows, fixtures and furnishings clean and in good repair;
    • All rooms are well lit and ventilated, and have adequate heating and cooling;
    • Guests are furnished with clean towels, washcloths, and linens in good condition;
    • All dishes and cooking utensils are provided in a safe and sanitary condition;
    • All perishables left by guests are disposed of at the end of each STR stay;
    • The STR has a working fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors and otherwise complies with all applicable fire codes;
    • The STR has working locks at all points of entry, operable by STR guests;
    • All provisions of the CZO, Minimum Property Maintenance and Building Codes;
  • Ensure that the STR Unit is not used for any unpermitted commercial purpose;
  • Timely report any known or suspected criminal activity by a guest to the NOPD;
  • Submit to inspections authorized by CCNO Sec. 26-624;
  • Ensure that the permitted Operator, during all periods of guest occupancy, is available by telephone and able to by physically present at the STR within an hour of being contacted;
  • Serve as the point of contact for guests;
  • Receive and timely resolve complaints from neighbors regarding disruptive STR use;
  • Timely remit all applicable local, state, and federal taxes and City fees;
  • Comply with all other applicable laws, including but not limited to the CZO and CCNO.


  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $50
  • STR Operator, Single NSTR Unit (OSTR): $150
  • STR Operator, Single CSTR Unit (OSTR): $1,000
  • STR Operator, Multiple STR Unit (OSTR): $1,000

Required Documents


  • Apply online at the One Stop App
  • List of the municipal addresses of all dwelling units for which the Operator is responsible
  • For each such unit:
    • Name and contact information for Owner
    • Nuisance Prevention Plan
    • Neighborhood Response Plan
  • Valid driver’s license or other official government identification


  • An application for an STR permit will only be considered complete if it includes all required submissions.
  • All time-specific deadlines which require an application to be filed will be calculated by the date a complete application is filed.
  • Documents required for STR Owner and STR Operator permits can be clearly hand-written or typed and do not require any kind of professional services, skills, or knowledge.
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