STR Platform Permit


An STR Platform is a portal, listing service, website or business through which a person, other than an STR Owner, collects or receives a fee for facilitating a Booking Transaction. A Booking Transaction is the agreement between an STR guest and an STR Owner relative to an STR. The most commonly-recognized Platforms are online services such as Airbnb or VRBO, which collect a portion of the money remitted by the renter as their listing fee(s). A service that only posts advertisements for STRs but does not facilitate Booking Transactions is not considered an STR Platform and does not require a Platform Permit.

Like STR Owners and STR Operators, STR Platforms also have legal duties and responsibilities. Platforms are obligated to ensure they do not facilitate any illegal STR transactions and that all listings include both Owner and Operator Permit numbers as identified by the host. Permitted Platforms may ensure compliance with their obligations by removing listings that the City has identified as illegal within seven days of the notification.

The obligations placed on platforms do not negate the duties the STR owner and STR operator both have to ensure that the advertisements or listings they post on a platform are legal and permitted.

Permit Holder Obligations

STR Platforms have to abide by licensing rules, and must meet certain legal duties to remain permitted. Complete rules regarding Platform responsibilities can be found at CCNO Sec. 26-622.

An STR Platform must:

  • Ensure the prevention of facilitating any illegal or unpermitted STR Booking Transaction;
  • Maintain $1,000,000 of commercial general liability insurance and naming the City of New Orleans as an additional insured on that policy;
  • Comply with the CZO and CCNO;
  • Collect and remit required fees and taxes on behalf of its users.


  • STR Platform (PSTR): $10,000

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Current City of New Orleans Occupational License
  • Certificate of Good Standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State
  • Listing of the names and web addresses of any portal, listing service, or website under the applicant’s ownership or control that facilitates booking transactions in Orleans Parish


  • An application for an STR permit will only be considered complete if it includes all required submissions.
  • All time-specific deadlines which require an application to be filed will be calculated by the date a complete application is filed.
  • Documents required for STR Owner and STR Operator permits can be clearly hand-written or typed and do not require any kind of professional services, skills, or knowledge.
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