Street Closure Permit

A Street Closure permit issued to an individual or organization is required to temporarily close a street for an event of noncommercial purposes. This is in accordance with the Department of Public Works Section 146-583 of the Code of the City of New Orleans. The Director of Public Works is authorized by this law to collect fees and impose conditions for issuance. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for processing.

Other departments and agencies involved in this process, which are to receive notification of all street closure requests include the following:

  • New Orleans Police Department
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Parks and Parkways
  • Department of Sanitation
  • Department of Safety and Permits
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Property Management
  • Regional Transit Authority
  • Department of Fire


Approval from the NOPD Captain of the district in which the event is to take place. If the NOPD Captain will not approve the event, the City will not issue a permit.


Fees are based on type of activity, what is being sold and amount of gross sales. Click here for the City of New Orleans code, including more information about fees.


  • Complete the Master Event Application, plus:
    • Supplement B - Street Closure/Block Party
    • Supplement G - Safety and Security 
    • Plan/contract to dispose of all waste 
    • Petition stating there are no objections to the proposed closure must be signed by 100 percent of the residents, property owners or property managers occupying both sides of the block to be closed. Include: names, addresses and phone numbers. (template included in Supplement B above)
  • ​If the street contains a neutral ground (median), the Director of the Department of Parks and Parkways must approve of the closure. 
  • If the Street borders City property, the Department of Property Management must be contacted at (504) 658-3600 to obtain written approval of the closure.
  • If the street is on an RTA bus route, Department of Public Works will contact the RTA for approval and written agreement must be obtained for RTA to re-route the buses. E-mail notification is acceptable.
  • Secure approval from the NOPD Captain of the district in which the event is to take place. Find your district Captain here.
    • NOTE: ONLY NOPD OFFICERS ARE AUTHORIZED TO CLOSE A PUBLIC STREET. SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES OR SECURITY GUARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. If the NOPD determines that additional officers are required due to number of attendees, location or unique security issues, the applicant will need to work with NOPD to provide extra security (details included in Supplement G above)
    • The applicant must work with NOPD to arrange for pre-approved traffic control devices (barricades, signs, etc.) as required by the Department of Public Works. Barricades are free of charge if the event organizers arrange for the pickup and return to NOPD (a deposit will be required).
  • The applicant must also agree to any further requirements (including, but not limited to: meter rental, meter removal or towing services) that may be imposed by the Department of Public Works
  • Submit all applications and supporting documents to the One Stop Shop, City Hall, 7th floor, 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans 70112

You May Also Need

Depending on the details of your event/show, you may need to fill out and submit additional supplements or documents.

Please start by completing the Master Event Application and as indicated:

Service provided by

Traffic Division

(504) 658-8040 Email
1300 Perdido Street 6W03 New Orleans, LA 70112

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 a.m- 2 p.m

The Traffic Division manages the City's traffic engineering functions by maintaining and replacing pavement markings, and maintaining, replacing, installing and repairing street signs (name and directional) and traffic signals. This division is responsible for issuing street closure permits and other related permits.