Submit an Invoice on a Purchase Order

We've provided a handy PDF for the following steps.

Download the Submit an Invoice on a Purchase Order pdf

  1. Get started

    1. Go to the BRASS Supplier Portal.
    2. Click Sign in or Register.
    3. Enter your log in information, then click Login
  2. Create invoice

    1. Click Order Management then click Create Invoices.
    2. Select the PO Match radio dial.
  3. Invoice Entry

    1. Enter your Invoice Number.
    2. Click the Purchase Order look-up button to select your PO.
      DO NOT type in the PO number. If you enter your PO manually, the system will not properly link your invoice to the correct purchase order, and our Accounts Payable team will not be able to see your invoice.
    3. Select your PO from the list that displays.
    4. Enter your invoice date.
    5. Enter your invoice amount.
    6. Your submittal must include a copy of your invoice. Click the folder to attach an image of your invoice.
    7. Click Next when you’re done.


  4. Purchase Order Line Information

    1. The Portal advances you to the Purchase Order Line Information page.
    2. Click the Create Detail From PO Line button.
    3. The Portal displays your Available Purchase Order Lines.
    4. Check the lines you want to invoice.
    5. Click Create Detail From PO Line after selecting your lines.
    6. A message box indicating that you completed the task will appear. It will disappear on its own, but you can click the X to remove it.
    7. Click Close when you’re done.
    8. The Portal now displays your only the Purchase Order Lines you selected.
    9. If you want to change the Invoice Quantity, click the amount and enter the new quantity.
    10. Click the Save button when you’re done, then click Next.
  5. Submit Invoice

    1. The Portal now advances you to the Submit Invoice section.
    2. Click the View Invoice link to review the information you entered.
    3. The Portal now advances to the Invoice Information section. The Main tab is displayed and it shows general information about your invoice.
    4. Click the PO Detail tab to review the PO lines you’re invoicing.
    5. The Portal changes to the PO Detail section.
    6. Review the information presented. If you need to make corrections, you can do so here. Click Submit when you’re done.
  6. All done

    1. You just submitted an invoice to the City. You can now review invoices you’ve submitted or continue working on invoices you have not yet submitted.
    2. Click Order Management then click Manage Self Created Invoices.
    3. The Unsubmitted tab is displayed. Click Submitted invoices to review invoices you’ve already submitted.
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