Tire Shop Regulations

On January 11, 2018, the City Council adopted Ordinance 27,652 M.C.S., which amended Chapter 26 of the City Code to provide operational standards for any business engaging in the sale of new or used tires. The standards closely follow the regulations of the State’s Department of Environmental Quality, so most of the City’s regulation should be familiar to licensed operators.

Required Approvals

As with any business operating in New Orleans, an Occupational License issued by the City’s Department of Finance is required in order to legally conduct business.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality requires any tire dealer which may store more than 20 waste tires at any time to obtain a “Generator Identification Number” from their office. For questions about LDEQ regulations, please call 1-866-896-5337, of visit their website.

Operational Requirements

In addition to the licenses and registrations noted above, any person or business engaged in the sale or resale of motor vehicle tires must:

  • Prominently display to the public the notification provided by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Store waste tires for no more than 120 days after receipt or generation. (Storage can be authorized for a longer period with proper documentation).
  • Store no more than 150 waste tires at their place of business unless stored completely indoors or in a water-tight collection container.
  • Not allow any person or business to remove tires from their place of business unless that person is a LDEQ licensed waste tire Transporter.
  • Separate waste tires from any tires offered for sale by the business.
  • Maintain all completed waste tire manifests documenting the proper and legal disposal of waste tires generated by the business.

​Tire Storage

The City Code provides stringent limitations on where new, used, and waste tires may be stored by businesses.

  • Outdoor storage of any kind is prohibited unless allowed by the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.
  • No tires may be stored on a different property, parcel, or lot than the business site of the tire dealer.
  • Under no circumstance can tires be stored on the public right-of-way.
  • Storage of tires shall provide in all circumstances:
    • A cover adequate to exclude water from the waste tires.
    • Vector and vermin control.
    • Means to prevent and control standing water in the tires and storage area.

Waste Tire Disposal

Colt Tire Scrap Center is the licensed, legal location to dispose of waste tires generated by tire shops and auto service centers. This is the location used by licensed waste tire transporters.  They will accept drop-offs of up to 20 tires from non-licensed transporters. In accordance with law, Colt will only accept more than 20 tires, at one time, from transport vehicles with valid LDEQ permits permanently displayed on the doors of the vehicles along with the required manifests. For information about their operating hours, fees, or any other information, please contact their facility:

Colt Scrap Tire Center
9300 Old Gentilly Rd.
New Orleans, LA  70127

​Enforcement of Standards

The Departments of Sanitation and Safety and Permits are the agencies primarily responsible for enforcement of these standards, however any City agency responsible for the health and sanitary condition of the city may enforce the regulations.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in administrative adjudication pursuant to Chapter 6 of the City Code, and penalties may include:

  • Fines up to $500 per violation per day.
  • Liens placed on the property tax bill if fines are not paid.
  • Termination of utility service (electricity and gas).
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