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Bid Tabulations will be made available for viewing on this site for 60 Days. If you are seeking to obtain a Bid Tabulation that is older than 60 Days, please feel free to submit a public records request through the City Attorney's Office.

Disclaimer:  These ARE NOT official results and are posted for information purposes only.  All Bid Tabulations are subject to change without notice.

Bid tabulations are the results of vendors who responded to the bids listed.  The totals listed on the tabulations are for comparison only.  All bids will be evaluated for responsiveness by the City of New Orleans’ Purchasing Department personnel.  The tabulations do not represent a notice of award, but only the bids received.

Vendors shall not take any action until the contract/purchase order has been executed.  Viewer is advised that Award of any contract/purchase order is subject to review and approval of the City of New Orleans.

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