What Does "Draft Application" Mean?

If your permit or license application status says "Draft Application", that means that you have not yet completed and submitted it to us. Like a draft email, you can start an application and save it if you're not ready to finish it and submit/send right away.

As long as your application status is "Draft Application", it will not appear for our reviewers to begin the approval process. You will still be able to edit it by clicking the "Edit" link below your license or permit title (next to "Print Summary" and "Add to Watch List"). 

To submit your application, click the "Edit" link, check that all required fields (with a red asterisk) are completed, and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If nothing required is missing, that will open a Verification or Attestation form. Typing your name into the bottom of the Verification or Attestation form is the equivalent of signing your application. When you submit the Verification or Attestation form, your permit or license status will change to "Application Submitted", and it will be visible to our reviewers.

If you are missing any required information when you try to submit, you will be notified of what field needs to be corrected. Once you have corrected the problem, click the "Submit" button again to complete your application.

Please note: "View & Print" and "Save Changes" do not submit your application to us. You can click those buttons at any time and still be able to edit your application before submitting.

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