Accessory Structure Permit

An Accessory Structure permit is required for construction of any improvements that serve a primary use located on the same piece of land as a main structure, but is intended for secondary use. For example, a house may have a detached garage or storage shed as accessory structures. Other examples of accessory structures include gazebos, generators, picnic pavilions, boathouses, storage sheds, and similar buildings. Accessory Structure permits are generally issued on the same day as application following review by a permit analyst. However, if the department determines that complete plans are required for your job, the plans are sent through a plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the  City's amendments to the International Building Code and the City’s zoning ordinance. You can look up your zoning here. Depending on the specifics of your project, this review may also include or require approvals from other entities (Historic Districts Landmark Commission, Vieux Carré Commission, City Planning Commission, etc.). A building permit will only be issued after the plan review process is completed and compliance with all applicable regulations is verified.


Same day in some situations, when review is required: Residential projects, 2-5 days; Commercial projects, 20-30 days.


  • $60 plus $5 per $1,000 of work to be performed 
  • If plans are required there is a plan review fee of $1 per $1,000 of work to be performed. Please see our Standards for Digital Submission for accepted formats and methods of submission.
  • If a property is within a local historic district (property subject to additional regulations by VCC or HDLC), there is a 50% surcharge on the permit fee

Required Documents

  • Check to see if your building is located in a historic district or in the French Quarter  – if so, permits and approvals from the HDLC or VCC need to be acquired
  • Apply online at the One Stop App or fill out and submit the BUILDING_PERMIT_MASTER_APPLICATION
  • Recorded Act of Sale, if the property has recently changed ownership in the last year (365 days)
  • Plot plan reflecting all dimensions of the lot and all structures, setbacks to property lines and the location and dimensions of off-street parking spaces
  • Sketch or completed plans, stamped with live seals from a Louisiana licensed architect or civil engineer, if required
  • Executed contract or approved estimate with the scope of the work to be performed, costs inclusive of labor and materials with signatures, printed names and titles of both the owner and contractor.  If the property is owned by a business, please provide proof of signatory authority
  • Foundation drawings detailing the foundation of the proposed structure, with live, original seals, stamped by a Louisiana registered architect or civil engineer, if required
  • Previous/current use and proposed use of the structure
  • Number of floors or levels in the structure 
  • If the improvement is roofing related and the property is within a local historic district or is a designated landmark, fill out the Roof_Certificate_of_Appropriateness Application
  • Benchmark Certificate, completed by a registered land surveyor, on the City’s three-part form, with live seals, and dated within the last six-months
  • Contractor’s license information. (If the project is owner-occupied residential, State Exemption Form R-1364 may be submitted in lieu of contractor license information.)
  • Residential Generator Acknowledgment, if you are installing a generator on residential property.

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