Orleans Parish Communication District

Contact Information

Phone:(504) 671-3911
Board address:

118 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


The Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) is the administrative office of 9-1-1 for the City of New Orleans. OPCD purchases and maintains equipment and provides training for new and experienced police, fire and emergency medical personnel.


Eleven members.

  • Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department;
  • Superintendent of the New Orleans Fire Department;
  • Director of New Orleans Health Department;
  • Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness;
  • CEO of the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans;
  • Commander of Louisiana State Police Troop B;
  • Commandant of the Louisiana Army National Guard;
  • Orleans Parish Medical Society;
  • Director of the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services; and
  • Two at-large members appointed by the Mayor.


Current Composition:

  • Collin Arnold, Vice-Chairman Director, New Orleans Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness 
  • Gilbert A. Montaño CAO, City of New Orleans 
  • Captain Donovan T. Archote Commander of Troop B, Louisiana State Police 
  • Major General Keith Waddell Louisiana National Guard 
  • Superintendent Roman Nelson New Orleans Fire Superintendent 
  • Superintendent Shaun Ferguson New Orleans Police Superintendent 
  • Dr. Emily M. Nichols Director, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services 
  • Danny Hardman CEO, Medical Center of New Orleans 
  • Dr. Jennifer Avegno Director, New Orleans, Health Department 
  • Dr. Brobson Lutz Spokesman, Orleans Parish Medical Society 

Term Length

Ex-officio members serve terms concurrent with time in respective office.

(Created by: Act 155, Regular Session, 1982)