Certificate of Occupancy (No Work)

A Certificate of Occupancy is required to ensure your business location complies with all current zoning and building laws. Most commercial buildings have an existing Certificate of Occupancy for the property, however an inspection of the premises is required when the use or the occupant changes. It may be necessary to obtain a new Certificate of Occupancy under the following conditions: use of the property will change, the building does not meet current building code standards for the proposed use, or the building has been out of use for over six months. If you plan to or are required to make alterations or repairs, see the sections here for more information. No inspection will be made unless: the applicant or authorized representative is present on the premises, utility services are established and operating, and all equipment has been installed and connected.

Duration: Same day in some situations, 2-3 days if an inspection is required.


  • $190

Required Documents

  • Submit a Building Permit Application to Safety and Permits
  • Proof of ownership
  • Recorded Act of Sale, if the property has recently changed ownership (if applicable)
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