Demolitions in National Register Demolition Review District

Structures that are in National Register Historic Districts that are not also part of City historic districts regulated by the Historic District Landmarks Commission or the Vieux Carré Commission require review and approval by City Council.

The purpose of requiring City Council's approval is:

  • To attempt to preserve buildings with historical or architectural value, or buildings that contribute to the overall character of the neighborhood;
  • To preserve and stabilize neighborhoods through protection of structures that represent the character and quality of the neighborhood, or the architectural history of New Orleans; and
  • To promote redevelopment that contributes to the historic character of the neighborhood.

Requirements to Apply

The applications and documents required to apply for a demolition within the National Register Demolition Review District are the same as the requirements for all demolition permits. Please visit our Demolition Permits page to find all the information, forms, requirements, forms, and fees.


Only the following demolitions with in the National Register Demolition Review District are exempt from City Council review and approval:

  1. Single-story accessory structures (like garages or sheds) that are not visible from the public right-of-way (like streets and sidewalks), and are not used for residential or commercial space;
  2. Structures where less then 25% of the floor area is being demolished (what counts as floor area is defined by New Orleans Building Code), and where none of the primary facade is being demolished ("primary facade" is defined by the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance).
  3. Structures located within Historic District Landmark Commission (HDLC) or Vieux Carré Commission (VCC) jurisdiction. These demolition applications are still reviewed and approved by HDLC or VCC.
  4. Structures located in the Central Business District, which are subject to different City Council review and approval procedures, found in Section 26-2 of the City Code.
  5. Structures that do not appear in the 1983 Sanborn maps.
  6. Structures that require emergency demolition, as determined by the Department of Safety and Permits, Code Enforcement, and HDLC.
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