Master Plan Amendment Application

The 2022-2023 Master Plan Amendment period is now open and will close on October 14, 2022. Amendments are limited to the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) designations for specific properties. The amendment application form should be submitted through your respective City Council Member, who may vet the application and route back to the City Planning Commission.  


Master Plan Amendments require no fee.

Required documents/steps

Applications for amendments to The Plan for the 21st Century must be submitted to the respective City Councilmember's Office where it may be vetted and referred to the City Planning Commission.

For City Council contact information, please visit:

For more information about the Future Land Use Map and the Master Plan Amendment Process, please visit: or contact CPCINFO@NOLA.GOV

2022 Master Plan Amendment Process Timeline

09/13/22-10/14/22: Open period for receipt of proposed amendments by City Planning Commission staff.
10/14/22: Deadline to submit an amendment request to the City Planning Commission.
11/01/22-1/15/23: Planning District meetings at locations throughout the city.
10/14/22-TBD: Charter mandated review process, including:

  • Application completeness evaluation
  • Staff analysis of all proposed amendments
  • Publication of public meetings schedule
  • Planning District public meetings in all thirteen planning districts
  • Preparation of a staff report with recommendations for the City Planning Commission
  • City Planning Commission Public Hearings and recommendations to the City Council
  • Transmittal of recommendations to the City Council
  • City Council Public Hearings
  • City Council action (90 days to act)
  • If necessary, CPC re-consideration as directed by the City Council (60 days to act)
  • Final City Council action (45 days to act)
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