American Rescue Plan Act

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law on March 11, 2021, dispersing $1.9 trillion of relief and support directly to state and local governments. The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (CSLFRF) program authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act, delivers $350 billion to state, territorial, local, and Tribal governments across the country to support their response to and recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency.  

The City of New Orleans has received an allocation totaling nearly $388 million, of which $187 million will replace revenue lost during the pandemic and stabilize the City's annual operating budget. As of July 2023, $194 million has been appropriated to fund priority projects that will allow the City of New Orleans to recover equitably and ensure a safe, healthy, and prosperous future for its residents. 

"I am grateful to the Biden Administration and the United States Congress for allocating federal dollars that have been vital in getting our city back on track after experiencing detrimental economic losses from the pandemic. These funds provided much-needed revenue to enhance public safety and public health programs, upgrade technology, provide workforce development opportunities and replenish our fund gap that we expect will not reach pre-pandemic levels until 2025. COVID-19 devastated cities across this nation, and residents and business owners are still feeling the impacts. This critical stimulus bill has provided an opportunity to deliver on projects that have and will continue to tremendously benefit our city and this entire nation.”

–  Mayor LaToya Cantrell


Our goal is to give residents the ability to track progress and impacts.

total in ARPA recovery funds received


Our goal is to help residents in affected communities.  

for human services, infrastructure and economic development


Our goal is to make changes that affect residents' quality of life. 

invested in public safety  

How can ARPA funds be used?

Rapid Access to Information
Address negative economic impacts of the pandemic
Support the City’s public health response
Replace lost public sector revenue
Provide premium pay for essential workers
Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure

Federal funds cannot offset a tax revenue reduction or be deposited into a pension fund. ARPA funds must be allocated by December 31, 2024.  

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How have ARPA funds been budgeted?

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The City’s ARPA investments fall into three overarching categories:

1. Revenue Replacement

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically reduced the City’s revenues making it necessary to appropriate much of the initial funding to replacing revenue and restoring services. This revenue replacement allowed the City to avoid additional budget cuts, restore furloughs, and ensure a balanced budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 through FY2024.

2. Public Safety

The Administration recognizes that maintaining public safety is critical to the overall well-being of the New Orleans community and has allocated the largest investment of ARPA funds towards this goal. The funding will support increased staffing levels through active recruitment and retention efforts, as well as upgraded public safety facilities and equipment, enabling first responders to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. These initiatives will be complemented by several others in areas such as public health, youth services, and technology.

3. Economic Response

The Administration will use ARPA funds to invest in projects, initiatives, and projects that will generate recurring revenue, increase wealth, and provide opportunities within local communities. Targeted investment in the most historically underserved neighborhoods will work to ensure equitable development across the city. Funneling public funds toward projects that benefit New Orleans economically from the bottom up will help secure a prosperous future for all New Orleanians. 

4. Infrastructure

ARPA funds will supplement several existing infrastructure investments by committing resources to key projects. New Orleans understood the meaning of resilience long before the COVID-19 pandemic and these projects will ensure that New Orleans is able to return to pre-pandemic levels of quality-of-life and can also weather any future storm to come.

5. Public Health

The Administration will funnel resources to address the widest service disparities among vulnerable populations. This investment will seek to address public health needs holistically to reduce the intersectional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on communities.

6. Administration

The City has reserved a small amount of funding for critical staffing and resources needed to execute its $194 million investment in priority projects. This funding will allow the City to efficiently implement initiatives without having to redirect existing resources away from day to day operations and critical services.

What progress is being made?

New Orleans is on the right track to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to critical federal support. Many of these programs are already under way or in development, and some will continue to support our residents and communities for years to come. 

ARPA Drainage Improvements

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Economic Response Projects

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Public Health Projects

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Public Safety Projects

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View current and past Notices of Funding Available (NOFA) and Request for Proposals.

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Upcoming Information Sessions

The ARPA Implementation Team will hold monthly ARPA Information Sessions at libraries throughout New Orleans. The information sessions will be an opportunity to share updates on ARPA funded projects, share upcoming funding opportunities, answer questions from stakeholders and connect New Orleanians with agencies who have received ARPA funds. 

Note: We will be suspending information sessions until September. Please see dates below:

May Information sessions    
6-May-24 5-6:30pm ENO Regional Library– Large Meeting Room
7-May-24 5-6:30pm Algiers Regional Library – Small Meeting Room  
7-May-24 5-6:30pm Milton H. Latter Library – Dining Room
8-May-24 5-6:30pm Robert E. Smith – Meeting Room
9-May-24 5-6:30pm Nora Navra Library –Meeting Room 
September Information sessions    
09-Sep-24 4:30‑6:30pm ENO Regional Library – Small Meeting Room - District E
10-Sep-24 4:30‑6:30pm Algiers Regional Library – Small Meeting Room  - Disctrict C
10-Sep-24 4:30‑6:30pm Rosa F. Keller Library – Classroom - District B
11-Sep-24 4:30‑6:30pm Norman Mayer – Meeting Room - District D
11-Sep-24 4:30‑6:30pm Robert E. Smith Library – Meeting Room - District A

Meet the ARPA Team

The New Orleans ARPA Implementation team was established to ensure $387,523,048 from the U.S. Treasury is spent in full compliance with federal guidelines and to support departments in spending their ARPA allocations. The Office is responsible for providing technical support and guidance to support all city departments and subrecipients that received funds.

Meet the team

Latest News

City of New Orleans fleur de lis logo

July 15, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

City of New Orleans Announces September ARPA Information Sessions

ARPA Information Sessions will now be held quarterly at libraries throughout the City of New Orleans.  The third quarter session will be held in September. The same content will be provided at each meeting which will focus on an overview of ARPA, updates on the City of New Orleans ARPA funded projects portfolio of over one hundred projects throughout the City,  a question-and-answer session, and an opportunity to meet the ARPA Project Management Office. 

City of New Orleans fleur de lis logo

June 10, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

Together New Orleans Launches 11th Community Lighthouse in New Orleans to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Together New Orleans, a broad-based coalition of congregations and community-based organizations, today installed solar panels at the Christian Unity Baptist Church (1700 Conti St.), marking the near completion of the organization’s 11th Community Lighthouse in New Orleans and the sixth location utilizing funds from the City of New Orleans. This installation comes at the start of hurricane season, which weather forecasters predict could be the most active season in the Atlantic on record. 

City of New Orleans fleur de lis logo

May 22, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

City of New Orleans Announces Recipients of $1.14 Million in ARPA Funding for Homeless Shelter Support

The City of New Orleans today announced the organizations selected through a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) released by the Office of Homeless Services and Strategies (OHSS) for projects that provide assistance to individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness in Orleans Parish. A total of $1.14 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding is being dispersed to seven different recipients.

City of New Orleans fleur de lis logo

April 12, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

Office of Workforce Development Announces ARPA-Funded Leonard Merriman III Youth Pilot Scholarship Applications Open April 17

The Office of Workforce Development has partnered with the Tuskegee Airmen Flight School to offer scholarships to 20 high school seniors from Orleans Parish. The New Orleans Flight School is an aviation training program sponsored by the Tuskegee Airmen that promotes career opportunities for underrepresented youth in Orleans Parish.  

City of New Orleans fleur de lis logo

April 9, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

UPDATED: City of New Orleans Reminds Residents of Monthly ARPA Information Sessions

Please note, due to anticipated severe weather on Wednesday, April 10, tomorrow's ARPA Information Session to be held at the Robert E. Smith Library has been cancelled. Citizens may still attend the meeting on April 11 at Nora Navra Library.  

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