Short Term Rental Special Exceptions

New regulations for Non-Commercial Short-Term Rentals go into effect on July 1, 2023. Applications for Non-Commercial Short-Term Rentals will be accepted periodically by the Department of Safety and Permits’ Short Term Rental Bureau.  The first application period will run from July 1 through July 14.

 As part of these regulations, Non-Commercial Short-Term Rentals (NSTR) are limited to one per square. When more than one application is submitted for a square, a lottery will be held to determine which application is awarded the license. Information about the lotteries can be found here.

Although the short-term rental regulations generally allow only one NSTR per square, up to two additional NSTRs may be allowed by the City Council through the “Special Exception” process.  The Special Exception process requires an applicant to submit an application to the City Planning Commission, hold a meeting called a “Neighborhood Participation Program” to inform interested neighbors of the application, and pay an application fee.  

Once a complete application is submitted to the City Planning Commission, the Commission’s staff will issue a report recommending that the Council approve or deny the application.  This City Planning Commission will issue this report within 60 days of receiving a complete application.  The report will be sent to the City Council.  The City Council will have 60 days from receiving the report to approve or deny the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the CPC's NSTR Frequently Asked Questions document

NSTR Process Flowchart