June 20, 2018 | From City of New Orleans

Academy Focuses on Currently Employed Paramedics

Several times a year, under the direction of Dr. Emily Nichols, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services holds a five week new hire academy for EMTs and Paramedics.  What is unique about the present academy is all of the paramedics are already employed with NOEMS.  These EMS personnel have recently finished school to become Nationally Registered Paramedics; up to that time, they were functioning as EMTs.  Lynn Ramagos, Jr., Deputy Chief of Education and Training states, “Our recently promoted EMTs to paramedics will go through a two week classroom academy to prepare them for transition to field training. The two weeks of classroom training will cover in detail our regional protocols and departmental clinical policies and procedures. Students practice implementing protocols and clinical procedures during hands on skills training and simulation training using devices like our Sim Mannequin.  In addition, students perform scenarios and practice report writing, which is monitored by field training officers. The paramedics are then prepared to transition from the classroom to field training.”

Once the paramedics clear field training, they will have the skills and knowledge to perform advanced life saving techniques for the citizens of New Orleans. 


As a result of promoting within the division, NOEMS is able to staff more ambulances.  “The recent new hire EMTs and Paramedics along with several EMTs that have advanced to become Paramedics has allowed New Orleans EMS to schedule two more day ambulances and one more night ambulance.  The increased number of ambulances on duty at any given time helps to improve response times and helps to strategically place ambulances around the city,” states Ken Bouvier, Deputy Chief of EMS Operations.


Maintaining a career while going to paramedic school can be challenging, and we are honored to have some hard-working personnel at NOEMS.  “What’s encouraging is this group of paramedics have managed to go to school and continue to work on an ambulance to achieve their ambitions. Their dedication and perseverance is a notable quality we admire.  We are very proud of these new paramedics as they participate in our two week internal academy, ensuring they are consistent to our ALS protocols and policies,” affirms Carl Flores, Chief of EMS.



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