Equipment Maintenance Division

The City of New Orleans Equipment Maintenance Division (EMD) provides fleet: administration, management, and maintenance services and fuel services related to: product acquisition, automated dispensing, and fuel facility maintenance for the City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment.  The goals of EMD are to provide availability of vehicles and equipment and fuel availability at four fuel dispensing facilities. EMD also strives to: meet operational requirements of departments; provide preventative maintenance; repair vehicles, equipment and fuel facilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner; and audit the delivery and dispensing of fuel.

City Vehicle Accident-Related Contact Information

(City employees only)

Any accident or loss, regardless of severity, that results in property damage, injury to employees or others, or damage to any licensed City vehicle and/or City equipment, whether owned, leased, or borrowed by the City or a personal vehicle of a City employee who receives auto allowance and who is on authorized City business at the time of the incident, must be reported to the City’s Equipment Maintenance Division (EMD) and the City’s Third Party Administrator within twenty-four (24) hours.  Where death or injury has occurred from a vehicular accident/loss, immediately notify the City’s Third Party Administrator by telephone.  The operator of the City vehicle or equipment must take a drug and alcohol test as soon as possible after the accident/loss.     

EMD Contact Information:

Fleet Services Main Office: 504-658-8817

For Accidental Damages, contact Michael Steel, Fleet Vehicle Coordinator


Phone: 504-658-8603

  • For emergency tire services Monday through Friday, 7am to 5:30pm, please contact the Fleet Services Main Office at 504-658-8817. 
  • For after-hours emergency tire services Monday through Friday, 5:30pm to 7am, email and call 504-670-0187 for assistance. 
  • On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays email and call 504-670-0187 for 24 hour assistance.
  • For accidents requiring towing service, please contact City Towing at 504-658-8290 or 504-658-8284. For EMD towing assistance call 504-670-0187 and email

Third Party Administrator Contact Information:

Drug and Alcohol Screening Vendors:

  • Toxicology and Drug AnalysisLaboratory
  • 1340 Poydras Street, #2040
  • New Orleans, LA 70112
  • (504) 333-6163
  • Concentra
  • 318 Baronne Street
  • New Orleans, LA 70112
  • (504) 561-1051

Quarterly Vehicle Inventory and Maintenance Reports

(City employees only)

According to Policy Memorandum No. 5(R), which outlines appropriate usages of City vehicles and equipment, Department Vehicle Coordinators are required to conduct quarterly inventory and maintenance reports on their department’s vehicles (take-home included) and equipment.  These reports should include:

  1. Vehicle description (year, make, model and color)
  2. License plate number (if applicable)
  3. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  4. City asset number
  5. Name of the employee assigned to the vehicle, whether that employee is authorized for take-home use of the vehicle, and if so, the justification for the take-home assignment
  6. Certification that the vehicle is decaled and marked in accordance with policy memo 5(R)
  7. Certification that policy memo 5(R), the vehicle’s registration document and the City’s self-insurance letter are contained in the vehicle
  8. Last seven digits of the fuel card assigned to the vehicle
  9. General parking location of the vehicle
  10. Quarter-end odometer reading
  11. Schedule of preventative maintenance performed over the quarter, including the date of and mileage at the time of last service
  12. General comments on the condition of the vehicle

These reports should cover all vehicles and equipment owned or leased by the City and/or under control of a City department and should be sent to the EMD Fleet Manager and Fuel Services Administrator no later than the twentieth day of the first month of the next quarter.

EMD Contact Information
Michael Steel, Fleet Vehicle Coordinator

(504) 658-8603 Email EMD Contact Information Email EMD Contact Information

For emergency tire services Monday through Friday, 7am to 5:30pm, please contact the Fleet Services Main Office at 504-658-8817. 

Equipment Maintenance Division