Finance: Budget, Revenue, Purchasing, and Fiscal Policy

The Department of Finance Department is responsible for the following:

  • forecasting of annual revenues
  • recommendation of fiscal policy and budgetary strategies
  • maintenance of financial records for all fund accounts
  • collection of all taxes, licensing and permitting fees due the City
  • management of cash flow and the maximization of investment earnings on idle cash
  • management of lawful, efficient and cost effective procurement services
  • coordination of the annual external audit and internal audit activities; and coordination of operations of the Employee Retirement System.


The Department of Finance is made up of the following divisions:

Bureau of Accounting

The Bureau of Accounting maintains the General Ledger for all funds for the City of New Orleans, excepting the Aviation Board, the Canal Street Development Corporation, and the Sewerage and Water Board. The Bureau of Accounting also provides interim financial statements, prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the Single Audit Report (Federal Grants Financial and Compliance Audit).

The Accounts Payable Unit of the Bureau of Accounting processes all vendor payments, and employee travel requests. The Payroll Unit processes payroll and deductions for City’s employees as well as remits Federal and State income taxes.

Bureau of Revenue Tax

The Bureau of Revenue Tax administers and enforces ordinances pertaining to collection of sales, hotel-motel, parking and various other taxes, licenses and permits in accordance with the Code of the City of New Orleans. This includes

Providing businesses the ability to obtain necessary permits and licenses to operate a business in the City of New Orleans, including bed and breakfast establishments, Mardi Gras and mobile vendors, and entertainers and artists operating in Jackson Square and Pirates Alley.

Issuing Resale Exemption Certificates to allow businesses to purchase items without paying sales tax if the items will be resold in the normal course of operating business.

Bureau of Treasury

The Bureau of Treasury allows you to pay your Business Personal Property Tax, Real Estate Tax, or Sales/Parking Tax online.

Bureau of Purchasing (Procurement Office)

The Bureau of Purchasing is housed in the Finance Department and serves as the central authority for all City departments and agencies’ purchasing needs.

New Orleans Municipal Employees' Retirement System

The New Orleans Municipal Employees' Retirement System oversees retirement allowances and death benefits for all officers and employees of the city and the parochial and judicial officers and employees of parish. 

Office of Supplier Diversity 

Overseen by the Chief Financial Officer, the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) administers the Equitable Business Opportunities (EBO) Program which was established to assist underserved, underutilized, and disadvantaged businesses with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities and resources to build competitively viable and sustainable businesses in and for the City of New Orleans.

The Office of Supplier Diversity was created to help mitigate the effects of past and present social and economic discrimination by increasing the utilization of certified disadvantaged business enterprises in the procurement of goods and services by the City of New Orleans.  The office oversees certification, compliance, outreach, training, and capacity building for disadvantaged businesses in the City of New Orleans.

Please read more about the Equitable Business Opportunities (EBO) Program.

Department of Finance

(504) 658-1500
1300 Perdido Street 3E06 New Orleans, LA 70112


Department of Finance includes:


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June 20, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

City of New Orleans Announces Confirmation of Romy Schofield-Samuel as Director of Finance

The City of New Orleans today announced the confirmation of Romy Schofield-Samuel as the Director of Finance. Schofield-Samuel has over two decades of government experience and has served the City as the interim Director of Finance since April.

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April 3, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

City of New Orleans Announces Chief Financial Officer Norman L. White to Take on New Role with Louis Armstrong International Airport

The City of New Orleans today announced that Norman L. White will transition to a new role at the Louis Armstrong International Airport and is stepping down as the City's Chief Financial Officer, effective April 12.

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City of New Orleans to Hold Lottery for Jackson Square Artists

The City of New Orleans today announced that it will hold a lottery for qualified artists to obtain permits necessary to sell art in Jackson Square in the French Quarter on Saturday, April 6.

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June 14, 2022 | From City of New Orleans


After months of negotiation and dialogue with community residents, the City of New Orleans today announced it has received $155 million in federal funding under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

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