Barber’s and Beauticians Collective Fellowship Program

Barbers and beauticians are community leaders and interface with hundreds of people a week. They often know about conflict before anyone else. This seven-week fellowship trains barbers in conflict resolution and mediation skills so that they can de-escalate conflicts that might arise. 

Spring 2021 Graduation


Dorian Baham  Picture Me Rollin’ 
Tobias Bolton  UnderCUTstruction 
Raquel Dawson  The Candy Shop Nola 
De’Jon Hardges  Picture Me Rollin’ 
Tanya Haynes  Friends Salon Nola 
Edison Henry  Star Plus Barber & Beauty 
Demetrius Twymon  Razor Kutz 
Donnell Vaughn  Creative Hair Studio 
Christopher Womack  Case Closed 
Jayden Womack  Case Closed 

For more information or to apply, contact Danny Allen at 504.564.8768 or