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NEW ORLEANS — Mayor LaToya Cantrell recently signed Ordinance No. 33,513 that establishes policy to implement more stringent responsibility standards for prospective City contractors. It also enhances the ability of the City to determine whether prospective contractors are fully responsible to perform the work before receiving an award or contract. 

"We are committed to being more intentional in how we execute contracts when delivering products and services for our residenst and within our communities," said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. "This ordinance is about providing fair opportunity for qualified and responsible contractors who are required to comply with all federal, state and local laws and our governing workplace standards. We are encouraging more involvement in the City’s procurement process while ensuring the work of prime contractors is observed more thoroughly, and executed as seamlessly as possible.” 

"This is a collaborative effort between Mayor Cantrell, the New Orleans City Council, and labor advocates that will support best performance practices in our procurement process," said Norman White, Chief Financial Officer, City of New Orleans.  


Two years in the making, Ordinance No. 33,513 will require that contractors submit a questionnaire outlining their responsibility before the contract is awarded or executed by the City of New Orleans. The questionnaire requests information about business organization or structure, financial resources and responsibility, insurance, performance history, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, prior disputes, and the integrity of the perspective business. During the contract term, any changes to the questionnaire, if not corrected, can lead to the termination and declare the contractor as non-responsible.  


City contracts awarded at more than $15,000 for professional services and over $20,000 for non-professional services are subject to the responsible

contracting ordinance provisions. In addition, City construction contracts awarded at more than $25,000 and financial assistance contracts for more than $100,000 are also subject to the new law. It will also apply to advertised solicitations and contracts negotiated and executed after the publication of the rules and regulations. 


"The prudent expenditure of public dollars requires that the City’s procurement and contracting processes result in the selection of qualified and responsible contractors who have the capability to complete the work requested,” said Julien Meyer, Chief Procurement officer for the City of New Orleans. “The Responsible Contracting Ordinance gives the City of New Orleans a tool to consider quality in addition to costs."  


For more information, contact the City Bureau of Purchasing and Procurement Office (504) 658-1559.  


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