New Orleans Municipal Employees' Retirement System

The City of New Orleans Employees' Retirement System was established and placed under the management of the Board of Trustees and is supported by a full-time staff for the purpose of providing retirement allowances and death benefits for all officers and employees of the city and the parochial and judicial officers and employees of parish. The retirement system is a defined benefit plan as defined by Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. The original effective date of the retirement system is July 1, 1947.

Current Fund Status

NOMERS Retirement Fund (Unaudited)
Total Fund Value (as of  12/31/23) YTD Performance 1 Year Performance
               $441,294,300*          +13.5%           +13.5%

*The fund also holds $16,483,012 in DROP and money market funds. These funds are held by Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP). The total value of the fund including funds held at LAMP is $457,777,312.

NOMERS - Fixed Income RFP

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NOTICE: 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)


NOTICE: Retirement Board Election for the 2024 RETIREE SEAT. 

  1. Retirement Election Announcement
  2. Election Nomination Memo

Current Benefit Payment Information

To view your current benefit information visit My Benefits Payment. This is a website that is hosted by JP Morgan, who processes the monthly benefit payments for retirees. The website will allow you to view your transaction information and access 1099 tax statements. In order to access the site, you will need to contact JP Morgan at 888-719-8932 to verify your account and receive your User ID and password.