Energy Use accounts for half of New Orleans’ greenhouse gas emissions, which means that energy efficiency and renewable energy represent a huge opportunity to reduce air pollution.  We can make significant progress towards our climate action goals if we reduce our reliance and carbon-intensive fuels; save energy and make our savings a sustainable resource; and increase the resilience of our energy, water and sewer infrastructure.

The City of New Orleans is taking the following actions to reduce our overall energy burden:

  • Optimizing building operations at dozens of municipal properties 


  • Providing training on energy management for commercial and multifamily properties



  • Launching a Solar for All campaign to support solar installations on single family homes



In-home air quality can make a drastic change in comfort and health for many New Orleanians spending more time being “Safest at Home”. Energy efficiency work can make homes more comfortable, reduces stress on air-conditioning units, and improves raspatory health for many suffering with asthma and allergy irritants. Energy inequality is a high priority for Mayor Cantrell who encourages homeowners and small business to get free remote solar and energy efficiency evaluations through the City’s 2020 Solar for All NOLA initiative. The program is led by the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (“GNOHA”) in partnership with two local solar companies, PosiGen and Solar Alternatives.


New customers are eligible for $100 gift card upon home’s confirmed solar feasibility and completed contract. For a free safe remote solar home and/or business assessment, interested residents are invited to contact PosiGen and Solar Alternatives teams directly, or the GNOHA staff for further assistance and inquiries:

Solar for All NOLA Website:


PosiGen Solar: 1-844-78-SOLAR (1-844-787-6527)


Solar Alternatives: 1-877-776-5258


GNOHA: 1-504-224-8300


For more information and to read Mayor Cantrell's Solar for All NOLA press release, please click this link.  











  • Developing a renewable portfolio standard via the City Council’s Utility Commitee



  • Hosting an energy challenge to help downtown buildings reduce their energy production
  • Supporting pilot programs for municipal solar installations 
  • Installing energy efficient streetlighting
  • Intervening in rate cases to achieve greater energy cost savings for residents


  • Managing the Women4Climate mentorship program to help young professionals achieve climate goals


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