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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Brake Tag Inspection Stations

Updated Regulations

In 2015, the Department of Safety and Permits updated the provisions of Chapter 154 to revise vehicle inspection standards and requirements. A full copy of the regulations can be found via Municode, or can be downloaded here.

Important Changes

Starting in January 2016, many vehicles will be eligible for an optional 2-year inspection certificate. If your vehicle has a gross vehicle weight limit of 6,000 pounds or less and is less than 10-years old, you can choose to obtain either a 1-year inspection certificate for $25.00 or 2-year inspection certificate for $50.00.

Additionally, the Department is implementing a new design and uniform color scheme for inspection stickers. The new stickers are circular with the year of expiration in the center in place of the month of expiration, and will feature month indicators to indicate expiration. All inspection stickers for a given year will be of a uniform color, taking the place of the multiple colors issued in previous years to indicate inspection sticker type. A sample image is provided below:

What is inspected on your vehicle?

Visit the Inspections page to learn exactly what is inspected.

Inspection fees

Gross vehicle weight determines the inspection fee, as per the standards below:

  • All vehicle over 10,001 pounds gross vehicle weight shall pay a fee of $40.00.
  • All vehicles between 6,001 and 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight shall pay a fee of $30.00.
  • All other vehicles including motorcycles and utility trailers shall pay a fee of $25.00.

Late fees

All vehicles registered in the parish shall be inspected at 12-month intervals, unless otherwise prescribed by the City Code.  Any vehicle presented for inspection with an expired inspection certificate shall be considered delinquent and subject to a delinquency fee of $2.00 per month, with such fees not to exceed the price of the required annual inspection.


Please contact the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau via phone at (504) 658-7170 or email with questions, concerns, complaints or if you have a business and interested in applying for the Brake Tag Program.


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Last updated: 10/19/2016 3:40:02 PM

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