Alcoholic Beverage License Renewal

Alcoholic Beverage Outlet Renewal applications can either be submitted:

  1. Online at the One Stop Shop website (you must be a web administrator of the business to renew online). Contact for more information on being added as a web administrator)
  2. Via email to
  3. Mail to the Department of Safety and Permits


All ABO renewals are to be filed with the Department of Safety and Permits by April 1st. Delinquency penalties begin on April 6th per Sec. 10-123 of the City Code. ABO permits expire on May 31st of each year.

Please attached all require documents to the online application or you can email it to the ABO Division.

  • Email :
  • Mail: Safety and Permits - Attention ABO Processing
    1340 Poydras St, Suite 800
    New Orleans, LA 70112

Emailed renewals must make online or in-person payment within 72 hours of email notification by the City or late fees will accrue.


Only active Alcoholic Beverage Outlet License for the prior year are eligible for renewal.

ABO & Live Entertainment Renewal App Fees

ABO Renewal Fees, in accordance with Chapter 10-122 of the City Code of New Orleans

Low content: 6% and lower by volume (beer) $135
High content: 6% and higher by volume (liquor) $500
Wine $300

Applications received on April 6, will be charged a late fee of $33.75 per month on low-content alcohol permits and $25 per month on high-content alcohol permits.

Live Entertainment Renewal Fees, in accordance with Chapter 14-310 of the City Code of New Orleans

Gross Sales Non-Profit For Profit
$0 - $10,000 $125 $250
$10,001-$50,000 $250 $500
Over $50K $375 $750

MAIL IN OR DROP OFF PAYMENT: Checks, Cashier’s Checks, or Money Orders shall be payable to the City of New Orleans

ONLINE PAYMENT: MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. You can pay online by logging in at and searching for this item by application or invoice number.

Required Documents

  1. Completed, signed ABO & Live Entertaintment Renewal and Update Form (pages 2-4 of this packet)
  2. Local Tax Clearance from the City of New Orleans Bureau of Revenue – if you did not receive your local tax clearance, email or fax (504) 658-1606. The Bureau of Revenue can also be contacted at (504) 658-1674
  3. Proof of Tax Clearance from the Louisiana State Department of Revenue and Taxation located at 1450 Poydras St, Suite 800, New Orleans, LA. State LDR can be contacted at (225) 219-2272 or
  4. Renewal Fees

The following items are only required if changes have occurred:

  • Executed copy of your lease - Note: the lease or management agreement must be between the landowner and ABO licensee, not an individual member/shareholder/partner of the landowning entity.
  • Plot Plan/Layout - A plot plan/layout of the entire floor area that will be occupied by the proposed business clearly labeling measurements of all rooms, attached and unattached buildings, property lines, doors, windows, patios, holding bars, stages, tables, seating/chair arrangements, food preparation areas and equipment, restrooms, amusement devices, emergency exits and lighting locations, back of house operations, and any other related features. Note: diagram must be large enough to be legible, at least 8 1/2" by 11".
  • Acknowledgment of Bar Use Standards or Acknowledgment of Restaurant Use Standards
  • Litter Abatement Checklist approved by the Department of Sanitation

Tax Clearance Form

If you did not receive a tax clearance by mail, one may be obtained:

  • In person from the Bureau of Revenue, located on the first floor of City Hall at 1300 Perdido St, Rm 1W15,  New Orleans, LA between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday
  • By fax to (504) 658-1606
  • By email to

The Bureau of Revenue can also be contacted at (504) 658-1674.

Renewal Addendums

Please complete the Alcoholic Beverage Renewal Addendum, which can be downloaded here. You may mail the completed form directly back to the Bureau of Revenue at the address below. If you have already returned this form to the Department of Safety and Permits, it will be forwarded directly to the Bureau of Revenue, and not scanned, copied, nor held by Safety and Permits.

Attn: Bureau of Revenue (ABO Unit)
1300 Perdido St., Rm 1W15
New Orleans, LA 70112

Service provided by

Bureau of Revenue - Sales Tax

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