Occupational License (General Business)

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Need to RENEW your existing license? Please visit the Occupational License Renewal page.

An Occupational or General Business license is required if you will be conducting business in Orleans Parish. Begin by applying at the Department of Safety & Permits, at 1340 Poydras St, Suite 800. After applying, a zoning inspection is performed by the Department of Safety and Permits and/or State Health Department, depending on the nature of the business being opened. Once you have approval from the appropriate entities(s), you will then return to the Bureau of Revenue with your Certificate of Occupancy, additional State Health Department documentation, and the applicable fee/tentative tax. Click here for the business license guide and familiarize yourself with New Orleans City Code Chapter 30.

Once your business is registered with the Bureau of Revenue, you may request a Resale Exemption Certificate that will allow you to purchase items without paying the sales tax if the items will be resold in the normal course of operating your business. Non-profit organizations may also obtain sales tax, mayoralty permit, amusement tax, and occupational license tax exemptions for conducting activities benefiting their organization.

RENEWALS: An Occupational or General Business license renewal is required all businesses. Renew online or fill out the form (Form 8030) here and return it to the Bureau of Revenue at City Hall.


  • Fees are based on the type of business license you need to obtain. Click here for the fee schedule and business descriptions.

Required Documents/Steps

  1. Confirm that the location is appropriately zoned at the location.
  2. Confirm that the location has a Certificate of Occupancy for the specific use you are proposing (see guide below). 
  3. Register your trade name, partnership or company with the Louisiana Secretary of State (225) 925-4704
  4. Register and get a federal tax ID number (800) 829-4933 and your state tax ID with the Louisiana Department of Revenue (504) 568-5233 or (225) 219-7462
  5. Apply for the Occupational License on the One Stop website.
  6. If selling alcohol, submit your alcohol application to abo@nola.gov
  7. If providing live entertainment, submit your live entertainment application to liveentertainment@nola.gov 

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