About Mobile Food Vendors and Pop-Ups

New Orleans is home to world-renowned cuisine, and the City of New Orleans supports food entrepreneurs in being part of our rich culture. The resources below provide information on the ways food pop-ups can operate legally in our city.

Types of Popups

Having the proper permit can be the cherry on top of your popup business. Please use the checklists below if you plan to sell food in any of the following scenarios:  

During a Second Line

From a mobile food truck

From a pushcart or animal drawn vehicle (carriage, etc.)

From an ice cream truck (mobile confections)

Stationary or franchise food truck

Special Events

Pop-Up Food Vending at an Existing Business

Other pop-up types

Not sure which category your food business fits into? Want to learn whether what you want to do is allowable or not? Contact the Bureau of Revenue. Email revenue@nola.gov, visit City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street, RM 1W15, or call (504) 658-1666 or (504) 658-1648.


Limitations on food made at home - All food pop-ups must either get a permit from the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and must cook and prepare all food in an approved and inspected location or be exempt from the LDH permit requirement under the State’s Cottage Food Law.

Businesses that operate under the State's Cottage Food Laws do not require a permit from the Louisiana Department of Health. Per Louisiana RS 40:4.9, Low-Risk Food Preparation Law permits Orleans Parish residents to use their home for the purposes of ”low-risk foods” which includes all of the items listed within this paragraph, none of which include any animal muscle protein or fish protein, and gross annual sales equal to $20,000.00 or less, and sales are not to a retail business for resale.

  1. Baked goods, including breads, cakes, cookies, and pies.
  2. Candies.
  3. Cane syrup.
  4. Dried mixes.
  5. Honey and honeycomb products.
  6. Jams, jellies, and preserves.
  7. Pickles and acidified foods.
  8. Sauces and syrups.
  9. Spices.

Alcohol Restrictions - The sale of alcoholic beverages by the food pop up vendor is prohibited. A Food Pop Up Vendor Host may sell alcoholic beverages during the food pop up if the host has the proper alcoholic beverage licenses.

Mardi Gras

  • Vending in the following areas and times are prohibited:
    • Not valid during the Mardi Gras Season in the locations governed by sections 34-34 et. seq.;

Jazz Fest  - Not valid during the Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Season within the area bounded by Florida Avenue on the north, North Broad Avenue on the east, Esplanade Avenue on the south, and Bayou St. John on the west;

No popups in Clean Zones - A Clean Zone is an area established by an ordinance adopted by the City Council, which temporarily suspends certain permits and transactions in designated areas of public property and outside of buildings during specific dates and times, such as during large events. Clean Zones are established to ensure public health, safety, and the welfare of residents, businesses, and participants during large events.

Host & vendor fees

  • Permit fees for food pop-up hosts are $500 annually and a $50 application fee.
  • Permit fees for food pop-up vendors are $150 annually and a $50 application fee.
  • Other fees may apply.


For Food Pop-Up Hosts:
Phone: One Stop (504) 658-7100
Email: businesslicenseinfo@nola.gov

For Food Pop-Up Vendors:
Phone: Revenue (504) 658-1630
Email: revenue.vendorpermits@nola.gov


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