December 27, 2022 | From City of New Orleans

Short Term Rental Information

City Planning Commission will consider two zoning dockets related to STR regulations at the January 24, 2023 City Planning Commission Meeting:

  • ZD095-22 - a Text Amendment to the CZO to establish the Residential Short Term Rental Interim Zoning District
  • ZD002-23 - a Text Amendment to the CZO to modify short term rental regulations.

Information about each zoning docket can be found online at the City’s One Stop App website,, by adding the zoning docket number in the search bar.

Virtual Public Meeting on STR

A virtual public meeting was held from 6:00-7:30 p.m. on January 5, 2023, regarding zoning docket 002-23. This was an opportunity for staff to hear from the community before finalizing the report. 

A recording of the meeting is available at the link below:

Passcode: 4Wh!PfP^

Link to Presentation Materials

For questions or issues, please contact

More STR Information
  • On August 29, 2022, the City Council passed an Interim Zoning District (IZD) prohibiting the issuance of permits and licenses for the following Residential Short Term Rental (RSTR) uses:
    • Residential Short Term Rental, Small
    • Residential Short Term Rental, Large
    • Residential Short Term Rental, Partial Unit
  • The City Planning Commission heard the IZD as a zoning docket item at their December 13, 2022 meeting, and decided to defer the request until the January 24th meeting during which the request to amend the regulations will also be heard.
    • CPC will also be hosting a public meeting in coordination with the office of Neighborhood Engagement in early January. Information will be sent out about that meeting to anyone signed up for City Planning Commission’s public notices at
  • Renewals for RSTR permits are being accepted under the legal non-conforming use policy in the CZO (Article 25.3.A). To be eligible, the following conditions must be met:
    • A valid RSTR and OSTR permit existed prior to August 29, 2022,
    • Neither license expired before February 26, 2020,
    • There are no outstanding STR violations; and
    • All other application requirements set by law are met.
  • Renewals can be submitted to the STR Administration at For more information call the STR Administration at 504-658-7144 and/or review the guidance released by Safety and Permits on December 22, 2022.
  • Appeals of the RSTR IZD can be made to City Planning Commission. 
    • If you believe you are not eligible for a renewal and would like to appeal, please obtain a referral from the STR Administration stating that you are not eligible for renewal.
    • File a completed application, accompanied by required attachments, with the City Planning Commission. Applications must be complete and submitted to
      • There is a $1,000 fee that must be paid to CPC.
    • The City Planning Commission staff will make a report of its recommendation to the City Council within sixty (60) days of receipt of the request.
    • Upon receipt by the Council of the report of the Director of the City Planning Commission, a public hearing shall be held upon proper notice within sixty (60) days at regular or special meeting of the Council. After consideration of the report and the information presented at the hearing, the Council may, by ordinance, waive the provisions of the moratorium.

To contact CPC, email or call 504-658-7033.

To contact STR Administration, email or call 504-658-7144.


STR Administration

STR IZD Appeal Process

STR IZD Request from City Council: Motion M-22-467 (October 20, 2022)

ZD095-22 Preliminary Staff Report

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance text amendment proposal from City Council: Motion M-22-485 (November 3, 2022)