Office of Criminal Justice Coordination Reports

Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Report for New Orleans, Louisiana

  • This report was prepared by Lisa Maye and Kathleen Kemp of Policy Research, Inc. Policy Research wishes to thank Office of Mayor LaToya Cantrell, City of New Orleans for hosting the workshop and to Adrienne S. Tobler, Interagency Coordination Specialist for offering opening remarks. Support for the workshop was provided to Orleans Parish, New Orleans by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation through the Safety and Justice Challenge.

City of New Orleans Violence Reduction Strategies

  • After reaching a historic low in homicides in 2019, the City of New Orleans has experienced an increase in gun violence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This spike in violence is not unique to New Orleans, but rather a trend that is happening nation-wide. In 2021, New Orleans amassed 218 murders and is on track to out pace that number in 2022. As of June 13, 2022, there have been 137 homicides that have occurred in New Orleans

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Committee Update

  • Provides justice professionals with the accurate and timely information they need to effectively fulfill their respective missions. Provides policymakers with data to effectively plan, prioritize, and evaluate the impact of resources invested in the criminal justice system. Provides the public at-large with information by which to evaluate the performance of the justice system and returns on taxpayer resources.

Orleans Parish Ethnic And Racial Disparity (ERD) Working Group

  • In partnership with the VERA Institute of Justice, the Office of Criminal Justice established the Ethnic and Racial Disparity (ERD) Working Group in October 2020. Amid a global pandemic, which hasfurthershed light on the pervasiveness ofstructuralracism, the Working Group set out to identify and addressthe drivers ofracial and ethnic disparitiesin the Orleans Parish criminal legalsystem

A Roadmap To Transform The Justice System In New Orleans

  • The City of New Orleans has released a comprehensive plan titled "A Roadmap to Transform the Justice System in New Orleans." This ambitious document outlines a series of reforms and initiatives aimed at creating a more fair, equitable, and effective criminal justice system in the city