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(504) 658-4900

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Picture of Lisa D. Alexis

Lisa D. Alexis

(504) 658-4289 Email Lisa D. Alexis
Picture of Carroll Morton

Carroll Morton
Director Film New Orleans

(504) 658-4341
Picture of Bryon S Cornelison

Bryon S Cornelison
Deputy Director of Programs

(504) 658-4287 Email Bryon S Cornelison
Picture of Alana Harris

Alana Harris
Deputy Director of Arts and Culture

(504) 658-4024 Email Alana Harris
Picture of Lynette Meyers

Lynette Meyers
Executive Administrative Manager

(504) 658-3678 Email Lynette Meyers
Picture of Mashaera Alexander

Mashaera Alexander
Development & Communications Manager

(504) 658-4932 Email Mashaera Alexander
Picture of Brittany Chandler​

Brittany Chandler​
Production Manager, Film New Orleans

Kalin Polk
Creative Media Coordinator

(504) 658-0907 Email Kalin Polk

Micah Theodore
Strategic Policy & Communications VISTA Associate

(504) 658-4961 Email Micah Theodore