Billing Information

New Orleans EMS is a professional healthcare organization that provides emergency treatment and transport to all citizens and visitors of the City of New Orleans and Orleans Parish.  We are a city department, and we function as a third service provider of emergency response; though we partner with other first responder agencies to assist with medical care, we are not part of the Fire Department or Police Department.

Just like a doctor’s office or a hospital, we charge patients a fee based upon the level of care and/or transport we provide.  By providing our EMS crews with your health insurance information, we are able to bill your insurance provider directly for the services rendered.  Sharing this information with the responding medics at the time of service can assist with the billing process so you can focus on a speedy recovery from your illness or injury.

The City of New Orleans contracts with a third party vendor in order to provide the most streamlined and customer service oriented processing of payments for service.  Please see the frequently asked questions below regarding the EMS billing process.

I was treated and/or transported by EMS. What are the fees for services and how are they determined?

Fees for treatment and/or transport vary based on the services provided and are dictated by Orleans Parish Ordinance, Section 62-95.  You can view this ordinance here.

There are different fees for emergency medical services based on the level of care provided and transport mileage.  The common base charges are as follows:

  • EMS Assessment Fee: $150.00 per person
  • Emergent Transportation Fee: $825.00 to $1246.00 per person
  • Transportation Per Mile Fee: $20.00 per mile

These are base fees; actual billed amounts will vary, and will include additional charges for supplies used and procedures performed in the process of rendering care.

How can I pay my bill?

There are three ways to pay your bill.  You will need to have access to your account number from your billing statement.  You can pay your bill by mail, by phone, or through the billing website.

  • Payments by mail should include your account number and be remitted to:
    City of New Orleans
    PO BOX 62948
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70162-2448
  • Payments by phone require you to have your account number, and can be made by calling (888) 980-9295.
  • Payments via the web can be made by visiting  You will need access to your account number and ZIP code.

I was unable to provide my insurance information at the time of service, or my insurance has not been billed to date. How can I submit my insurance information?

You can submit or update your insurance information by visiting, or by calling (888) 980-9295 and speaking with a customer service representative.  If you have received an invoice for services and had valid insurance at the time of service, you may complete the form on the back of the invoice with your insurance information and mail it to the PO Box provided.

I can't afford my entire bill right now. What can I do?

You have the option of making partial payments or setting up a payment plan.  You can do this by calling (888) 980-9295, or you can make a partial payment at

How can I get a receipt of payment(s) I have already made?

Receipts of payment can be requested by calling (888) 980-9295.

I was treated/transported by EMS. How can I get a copy of my bill?

You can call (888) 980-9295 to request a copy of your bill.

I represent a legal agency/record company. How can I get a copy of EMS reports/documentation?

EMS reports/documentation can be obtained by visiting If you are having difficulty navigating the website please call (888) 980-9295.  There is a base fee of $35.00 for copies of EMS reports, and copies of older reports that have been archived have a fee of $50.00.

These fees are in accordance with Orleans Parish Ordinance, Section 62-95, which you can view here.