About the NOFD

The New Orleans Fire Department is a multi-response, professional fire protection agency with a "Class 1" fire protection rating.  The NOFD covers 199,000 square miles of Greater New Orleans serving approximately 391,000 residents and is one of the most unique fire department in the nation.  The very uniqueness of New Orleans with its' historic architecture and culture poses extra challenges for the firefighters charged with protecting her. 

In addition to hosting such spectacular events as Mardi Gras and the Louisiana Jazz & Heritage Festival, both of which draw hundreds of thousands of guest, New Orleans provides as outstanding venue for hundreds of conventions, trade shows and a plethora of special events year round.          

  • 6 Fire Districts
  • 31 Stations
  • Aircraft Rescue/EMS at MSY Airport
  • 10 Divisions
  • 28 Engines
  • 6 Ladders
  • 4 Technical Rescue Squads
  • 573 Firefighters
  • 1-34 ft. CBRRNE Fire Boat
  • 1-40 ft. Command Vehicle
  • 24 Flat Boats
  • Fire Museum & Educational Center
  • 1-32 ft. Fire Safety House

NOFD History


In April 1829, a group of men joined together to fight fires, this was the first serious step to organize a first class Volunteer Fire Department in New Orleans. These volunteers went under the name of the Firemen's Charitable Association (FCA), a title it kept for 62 years until the first paid fire-fighting force.

First Steps Toward Organized Fire Prevention

On December 15, 1891 the New Orleans Fire Department came into existence as a paid department. This decision insured one  the most culturally rich and historically relevant cities in all of the Americas had the safety and security of a prompt response from professionally trained firefighters.  

The New Orleans Fire Department began its mission at the end of the 1800's, progressing forward through the 21st century with its perpetual promise to protect the City of New Orleans and to live out its creed of "Seeking Opportunities to Serve" the citizens of our great city.


NOFD Superintendents
Roman Nelson 2020 - Present
Timothy McConnell 2013- 2020
Charles Parent 2002 - 2013
Warren E. McDaniels
1993 - 2002
William J. McCrossen
1973 - 1993
Louis J. SanSalvador 1970 - 1973
Arthur J. Heyd 1963 - 1970
Howard L. Dey 1946 - 1962
Frank P. Rivard 1945 - 1946
John M. Evans 1920 - 1945
Louis Pujol 1911 - 1919
Thomas O'Connor 1891 - 1911

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